Suntan Tantalum Dipped Capacitor-TS19

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Suntan would like to share the hot-sells part: Tantalum Dipped Capacitor-TS19, which received high praise for good quality with reasonable price from our customers in Australia, Spain, brazil...

For TS19 series, we have different styles as shown below:  

        0.1uF 35V +/20%
        1.5uF 10V +/-20%
        4.7uF 50V +/-20%
        22uF 16V +/-20%
        68uF 25V +/-20%
        330uF 6.3V +/-20%

        *  TS19 Series are epoxy-coated solid electrolyte tantalum capacitors are encapsulated with flame-retardant yellow epoxy powder, marked with laser.
        *  TS19 meets and exceeds the requirements of IEC Specification 384–15-3, IECQ Specification QC300201/US0003 and Technical Specification SJ/T10856-96.
        *  Highly used in military and civil applications , such as TV sets, camcorders, computers, program-controlled electronic telephone switching systems, telephones, instruments and meters.
        *  RoHS Compliance & Lead Free Terminations

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