Suntan will attend Electronic Americas 2011

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Suntan Technology Company Limited will attend Electronic Americas 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil from March 28th to April 1st, 2011

  • Fair name: Electronic Americas 2011
  • Add.: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Date: March 28th to April 1st, 2011
  • Booth No.:N150

On this exhibition, all products will be presented, like metalized polyester/ polypropylene film capacitor including X2 capacitor, MLCC and high voltage ceramic capacitor, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, trimming potentiometer, varistor and rectifier diode.

Welcome to visit our booth to establish or expand our business!


Metallised Polyester Film Capacitor—TS02

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This type of capacitor is a essentially a form of polyester film capacitor where the polyester films themselves are metallised. The advantage of using this process is that because their electrodes are thin, the overall capacitor can be contained within a relatively small package. The metallised polyester film capacitors are generally only available as leaded electronics components.

Suntan is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of Plastic Film Capacitors, Its Metallised Polyester Film Capacitor is NON-INDUCTIVE, EXTENDED FOIL, DIP COATED, HIGH MOISTURE RESISTANCE, Such as their TS02 .TS02 has three features:

1.High reliable with its Self-Healing performance.

2.Coated with epoxy resin for superior heat resistance, humidity resistance and solvent resistance.

3.Good reputation in use with filtering, DC blocking coupling and general communication equipment.

In Suntan’s website: there is all TS series Capacitors. Detailed Features & Specifications & PDF will give you a new knowledge of Electrical Capacitors.

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Electric Double-Layer Capacitor - TS12

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An electric double-layer capacitor, also known as supercapacitor, supercondenser, pseudocapacitor, electrochemical double layer capacitor (EDLC), or ultracapacitor, is an electrochemical capacitor with relatively high energy density, typically on the order of thousands of times greater than an electrolytic capacitor. For instance, a typical D-cell sized electrolytic capacitor displays capacitance in the range of tens of millifarads. The same size electric double-layer capacitor might reach several farads, an improvement of two orders of magnitude. Supercapacitors usually yield a lower working voltage. as of 2010 larger double-layer capacitors have capacities up to 5,000 farads. Also in 2010, the highest available supercapacitor energy density is 30 Wh/kg, (although 85 Wh/kg has been achieved at room temperature in the lab ) lower than rapid-charging lithium-titanate batteries.

Suntan is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of Gold Capacitors. Including Low Leakage Double Layer Capacitor, Stacked Coin Gold Capacitor and Serial Struction Gold Capacitor etc.

Electric Double-Layer Capacitor is Small-size, large capacity, excellent voltage holding. For all ratings, uniform 5 mm pitch of terminal spacing. Wider temperature range(-25~+70℃) thank battery makes periodic change unnecessary.13.5x7.5 size can encase up to 0.33F. Ideal for backing up of CMOS's, microcomputers, RAM's and the like used in VCR's, tuners, TV sets, telephone sets and other.

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Rectifier diode SMD Rectifier M1-M7

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SMD ceramic capacitors--Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor - SMD --TS18

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SMD ceramic capacitors are shaped in the form of a rectangular block or cuboid. The capacitor itself consists of the ceramic dielectric in which a number of interleaved precious metal electrodes are contained. This structure gives rise to a high capacitance per unit volume. The inner electrodes are connected to the two terminations, either by silver palladium (AgPd) alloy in the ratio 65 : 35, or silver dipped with a barrier layer of plated nickel and finally covered with a layer of plated tin (NiSn).

Suntan supply many kinds of Ceramic Capacitors such as High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors, Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, Ceramic Disc Capacitors, Mini Type Ceramic Capacitors etc.

For example of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor - SMD --TS18 Specifications:

Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor - SMD Specifications
Dielectris & Values NPO X7R Y5V Z5U consult product pages of catalog for cap ranges and voltage rating
Terminations Tin / Nickel
Voltage 16, 25, 50, 63 VDC
Packing Tape and Reel (0402, 0603, 0805, 1206)
Capacitance 0.5pF ~ 10uF
Tolerance ±0.1pF~ +80-20%

For more information, please visit

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Service Life of an Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

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The service life of an aluminum electrolytic capacitor for mid- to high-voltage filters is affected by the applied voltage. If the applied voltage is between 60% and 100% of the rated voltage, the estimated service can be extended by lowering the applied voltage below the rated voltage. However, if the applied voltage is less than 60% of the rated voltage or the capacitor is used in low-pressure (100 WV or less) applications, the impact of the applied voltage on the service life is negligible.

Therefore, service life is estimated assuming no impact from voltage. Continuous application of a voltage over the rated voltage rapidly increases leakage current in a capacitor. This may increase internal pressure due to generation of gases, resulting in activation of the safety vent in a short time and/or formation of an internal short circuit. For this reason, the applied voltage must be maintained below the rated voltage during use.

Besides, it should be noted that the circuit design is such that the applied voltage will remain 80% or less of the rated voltage during use.

Where more than one capacitor connected in series is used, the applied voltages across the individual capacitors may become out of balance, resulting in the application of excessive voltage to them. To avoid this, either choose a rated voltage allowing for voltage imbalances, or connect a voltage divider(resistors) to the capacitors. Please be careful about charge/discharge.

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Potentiometer can be used as Rheostat

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Any three-terminal potentiometer can be used as a two-terminal variable resistor by not connecting to the third terminal. It is common practice to connect the wiper terminal to the unused end of the resistance track to reduce the amount of resistance variation caused by dirt on the track.

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Gold Capacitors, Electric Double Layer Capacitors---TS12

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1.Small-size, large capacity, excellent voltage holding.
2.Unlike battery, unlimited charge/discharge cycle.
3.Wider temperature range.
4.Ideal for backing up of CMO's.microcomputers, RAM's and also used in VCR's tuners, TV sets, telephone sets and other.
5.Serial structure, two cell with same characteristics.
6.Low ESR, high energy density.
7.The capacity range is from 0.1F-3000F, and the operating voltage of capacitors range from 2.5V-5.5V.

Electric Double Layer Capacitor is supplied by Suntan Technology Company Limited, in website there is a full products list of Gold Capacitors and other electrical products.

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Mica Capacitors –TS23

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There are many types of mica, but only six or so are common rock-forming minerals. Mica capacitors are normally made from muscovite mica, or potassium aluminum silicate, KAl2Si3O10(OH)2. It is thermally stable up to 500°C, and has a high dielectric strength. Phlogopite mica, or potassium magnesium silicate, KMg3Si3AlO10(OH)2, is softer than muscovite mica and has less desirable electrical characteristics, but it may be used up to 900°C. Mica deposits are found in Madagascar, Central Africa, South America, and India. India is probably the biggest supplier of mica.
Natural mica contains many other materials including, iron, sodium, ferric oxide, and lithium. Because of the variability in composition of natural mica, mica destined for use in capacitors must be carefully inspected and classified, which adds to the manufacturing cost. All varieties of mica are chemically very stable and inert. Mica does not react with oil, water, most acids, (the exceptions are hydro-fluoric and sulfuric acid) alkalis, and solvents.
Mica Capacitors in Suntan suppliers is means High Reliability and Stability, Compact and High Moisture – Resistance.

In there has a Mica Capacitors Specifications, and there has detailed PDF for Mica Capacitors. The following picture is Suntan Mica Capacitor’s shape for your kindly reference. If you are interested in these products, welcome to Suntan’s website for a view.

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Chip Tantalum Capacitor – SMD--TS20

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Tantalum SMD capacitors are widely used to provide levels of capacitance that are higher than those that can be achieved when using ceramic capacitors. The capacitor technology that is used within SMD tantalum capacitors is based on the solid tantalum capacitor technology. This is robust and enables very small capacitors to be made.

For many years tantalum capacitors were used in SMD applications because electrolytic capacitors were not able to survive the high temperatures of the soldering process. Now that electrolytic capacitor technology has been developed to withstand the soldering process, these capacitors are now also widely used. Despite this, the other advantages of tantalum capacitors are employed in many circuits, and they are still used in vast quantities.

Suntan’s Chip Tantalum Capacitor - SMD is solid electrolyte, high Volumetric efficiency, stable electric performances.

The following is Features:

  • Molded case available in six case codes
  • Compatible with all popular 'High Volume' automatic pick and equipment   
  • Optical character recognition qualified

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