Su Suntan 310VAC Film Capacitor, Temperature Humidity Bias (THB) Series -TS08HT Strong Come Back

January 18, 2019 Views
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Suntan TS08HT technical requirements are higher than other components. We continue to improve the quality to meet the change of  the flexible market. Today, we launched the boutique version of TS08HT, which is the upgraded type from TS08Z, but price is almost as same as before. TS08Z is the common Class X2 capacitors for For Capacitive Divider, but TS08HT is especially designed for working under harsh environments 85°C and high humidity conditions 85% with Capacitive Divider function. TS08HT is applicable in both Across-the-line EMI filtering and connection in series with the mains circuits.

The Temperature Humidity Bias (THB) Series -TS08HT meets a full complement of safety agency X2 Class approvals, including VDE & ENEC and UL. With these international safety approvals, in the event of a failure, X2 Class devices do not present an electrical shock hazard to users of the equipment.

TS08HT 85/85 THB Series applications include outdoor appliances, ATMs, vending machines, kiosks, motor controls, AC line suppression, industrial controls, power supplies, ballasts and antenna coupling. Checking more details at :