Suntan Motor Starting Capacitor-CD60 Series

August 27, 2015 Views
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We have improved our Motor Starting Capacitor-CD60 series since last year. We would like to introduce more information about this series to all of you. 

It is known that motor capacitor mainly including motor running capacitor and motor starting capacitor, we offer TS11 series and CD60 series accordingly. Generally the difference between the two series is showed in following four aspects. 
1. Function: CD60 mainly is used for starting the machines, the working time only have a few seconds, and TS11 is used for working for a long time
2. Dielectric: CD60 using aluminum foil as dielectric which is metallic, and TS11 series using metalized film as dielectric which is plastic. 
3. Capacitance: CD60 series range from 50uF to 1500uF, larger than TS11 series, which is from 1uF to 150uF. 
4. Voltage: general voltage for CD60 is 250VAC, the highest is 330VAC, normally lower than TS11 sereis. 

Moreover, CD60 features low spoilage, stable capability and durability and characteristics of frequency, widely used in compressor and Air-conditioner and for the pumps.

Do you have interest in trying this series? To have a good idea of our CD60 or any inquriy, freely write to us at