Suntan Shares You The Basic Knowledge of Su Bridge Rectifiers

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Electricity in a home's power outlet is not in the form that's required by the circuitry inside electronic appliances. Power supplies are circuits made up of various components that convert the electricity that comes from the wall outlet into the various forms needed by the appliance. However, a bridge rectifier is a common part of those power supplies.

Rectification systems are typically used in household situations as well as for power transmission. Bridge is a type of electrical circuit. Bridge rectifier is a type of rectifier in which diodes were arranged in the form of a bridge. When four diodes are placed in a certain configuration in an electric circuit and an alternating current is supplied to them, the resulting output is a direct current. This setup is known as a "bridge rectifier" because the alternating current is rectified or changed to direct current. They are low cost and essential for any electronic equipment which requires full wave rectification of an AC power source.

Suntan Bridge Rectifier with Su Trademark

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All Kinds of Capacitors

Suntan is concentrating on making and enlarging our own brand, most of the product range are marked with Suntan® on product body, and for bridge rectifier range, we registered a new trade mark -- Su®.

We offer all kinds of Bridge rectifiers with Su® trademark on the body and we believe we will win more and more "Suntan and Su" fans.

Bridge rectifier are widely used in LCD TV, CRT color TV sets, monitors, speakers, energy-saving lamps, microwave ovens, printers, set-top boxes, small household electrical appliances and other fields...

Please refer to below product list. More information, please enter into

Item Type Package Packing MPQ
ABS ABS2-ABS6 ABS Tape & Reel 4K
  ABS8 ABS Tape & Reel 4K
  ABS10 ABS Tape & Reel 4K
MBS MB1S-MB6S   MBS Tape & Reel 2.5K
  MB8S MBS Tape & Reel 2.5K
  MB10S MBS Tape & Reel 2.5K
DB DB101-DB105 DB Tube 50PCS
  DB106-DB107 DB Tube 50PCS
DBS DB101S-DB105S DBS Tube 50PCS
  DB106S-DB107S DBS Tube 50PCS
KBP KBP2005-KBP206 KBP Bulk 500PCS
  KBP208-KBP210 KBP Bulk 500PCS
KBU KBU6005-KBU606(RS6) KBU Bulk 400PCS
  KBU608-KBU610(RS6) KBU Bulk 400PCS
KBL KBL4005-KBL410 KBL Bulk 500PCS
GBU GBU4005-GBU406 GBU Bulk 250PCS
  GBU408-GBU410 GBU Bulk 250PCS
KBJ4(3S)     KBJ6005-KBJ606 KBJ4(3S) Bulk 900PCS
  KBJ608-KBJ610 KBJ4(3S) Bulk 900PCS
KBJ6(5S) GBJ6005-GBJ606 KBJ6(5S) Bulk 250PCS
  GBJ608-GBJ610 KBJ6(5S) Bulk 250PCS
  KBPC2508-KBPC2510 (W) KBPC25/ KBPC-W Bulk 50PCS
  KBPC35005-KBPC3506 (W) KBPC25/ KBPC-W Bulk 50PCS
  KBPC3508-KBPC3510 (W) KBPC25/ KBPC-W Bulk 50PCS
BR/BR-W BR25005-BR2506(W) BR/BR-W Bulk 50PCS
  BR2508-BR2510(W) BR/BR-W Bulk 50PCS
  SKBPC2501-SKBPC2510 SKBPC Bulk 50PCS
  SKBPC2512-SKBPC2516 SKBPC Bulk 50PCS
  SKBPC35005 SKBPC Bulk 50PCS
  SKBPC3501-SKBPC3510 SKBPC Bulk 50PCS
  SKBPC3512-SKBPC3516 SKBPC Bulk 50PCS
WOB W005-W10 WOB Bulk 1Kpcs
RS-2 RS201~RS207 RS-2 Bulk 500PCS

Suntan Bridge Rectifier Application Knowledge

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All Kinds of Capacitors

As we all know, bridge recitifier using range is  very wide. Blow is severl bridge recitifier that we listed.

1, KBP
KBP sereis is widely used in the household appliances such as power adapter, LCD power supply, set-top boxes, cash registers, etc.

2, ABS
ABS sereis is widely used in micro ac rectifier circuits of electronic equipment, such as mobile phones, MP3 / MP4, multimedia console mini charger, LED mini lights, high-grade energy-saving lamps. 

3, D3K 
D3K sereis are widely applied in all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment, D3K is the most popular in Adapter, LED driver, HID driver, LCD Power Supply and CRT Power Supply.

4, 4KBJ 
4KBJ sereis currently the industry: Liquid crystal display (LCD-TV) industry, Chassis Power, Waterproofing system.

5, 6KBJ
6KBJ sereis currently the industry: 
1、Small appliances Cooker: GBJ1508、GBJ2008
2、Serve(Server control panel):GBJ2510
3、Professional power amplifier, mixer:GBJ2010、GBJ2510
4、High-power LED waterproof power supply:KBJ\GBJ1510

6, DB
DB sereis now used in industry in which is a power supply adapter (phone charger), instrumentation (temperature controller, timer), LED waterproof power supply.

BR/KBPC sereis now used in Juicer \ Blender (BR3 \ KBPC6), electric tools (switch parts KBPC1 \ BR3 terminal, motor control part KBPC6).

8, GBU
The advantage of GBU has three points:
1、Thin appearance, easy to row circuit boards
2、Temperature effect is good
3、GBU is frame structure, good cooling performance and low comprehensive cost