Suntan Su Bridge Rectifier Illumination Device Application

March 10, 2017 Views
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Suntan are helping customers save cost and meeting their different demands with our full range of bridge rectifier. Bridge Rectifier can be widely application on Illumination Device.

Illumination Device: LED flashlight and Lighting source/ LED lamp/ LED Driving power supply/ LED Driver/ Energy saving lamp Ballast/ Fluorescent lamp ballast/ HID electronic ballast/ Compact energy saving lamp.

Main Model: 1N52-Series Zener Diode, 1N47-Series Zener Diode, P6KE-Series, 1.5KE-Series, SMBJ-Series, 1N4007, FR107, RL207, 1N5822, HER107, HER207, HER307, UF4007, ES1J, ES3J, SS14, 1N5819, etc.

Su Bridge Rectifier: AB6S, MB6S, MB10S, MB6F, MB10F, DB107, KBL410, etc.