Suntan Trimming Potentiometers Lead Time Announcement

October 20, 2017 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
--- All Kinds of Capacitors

Suntan is one of the leading manufacturers for (trimpots) trimming potentiometers in China since 1978.
Compared with overseas famous brands, our price is more favorable, and quality is capable to compete with them.
However, we have confident that Suntan trimmers gain good reputation all over the world.

In August and September, due to the environmental audit by government department, 
our factory has slowed down a little bit on the production of trimming potentiometers. 
Right now, everything resume normal, the fast lead time of our products is another advantage compared with others factories.

TSR-3006,TSR-3386,TSR-3266,TSR-C3305,TSR-3540,3541 are the best sellers in Suntan Trimming Potentiometers, welcome your enquiry.

Suntan Tells You The Chinese Laba Festival

January 10, 2017 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

It is a traditional Chinese holiday celebrated on the eighth day of the La Month.
This festival is from the Ancient China. And it is customary on this day to eat Laba Congee.

Laba Congee is made by mixing many kinds of foods, such as millet, rice, chestnuts, red beans, jujube paste, almond, and etc. Chinese people would eat it to celebrate bumper harvest. And in Henan, it is also for commemorating the national hero Yue Fei. This custom is been preserved to this day.

Furthermore, according to some traditional saying, the Laba Festival was influenced by Buddhism in the Southern and Northern dynasties.
The day of it was also the enlightenment day of the Buddha. Therefore, many customs of the Laba Festival are related to Buddhism.

Suntan Has a New Souvenir for You

January 5, 2017 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Suntan has already come back from the Christmas holiday for some days! 
We all had a great vacation, and we want to thank all of you for sending us your blessing and Christmas cards. Hope you all enjoy Christmas as well.

Now, we have a new souvenir, a Folding Portable Magnifier, for our customers. We greatly appreciate your long-time trust and cooperation.
How to get our souvenir? Don’t worry. 
If you’ve already placed or will place orders for us, a souvenir will send to you with your goods together. How nice is that!

At last, we hope you will like our little present. And your orders will always be welcomed. Thanks again for everything.

Suntan Will Always Be There For You

December 6, 2016 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Today is already the First week of December. Only one month later, the year of 2016 will pass and a new year will come to us.
Through all these years, Suntan has provided good services and high quality products for our customers. Likewise, our customers also help Suntan growing up. We are truly grateful for that.
And we want you to know that no matter how time flies, Suntan will always be there for you.

At last, since the Christmas is coming soon as well, we want to inform you that Suntan people will take 4 days off from December 24th to December 27th. 
So please arrange your order well. Thank you.

Suntan Show the Schematic Diagram of Series Capacitor and Shunt Capacitor

May 6, 2013 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All Kinds of Capacitors 

As we all know, Suntan is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of Trimming Potentiometers, Capacitors, Varistors, the capacitor is its main product. The capacitor by category, can be divided into plastic film capacitors, aluminum capacitors, gold Capacitors, tantalum capacitors, etc. If according to the circuit diagram to points, can be divided into series capacitor and shunt capacitor. Therfore, Suntan shows these to our customers visa blow the schematic diagram.

Capacitors in series



The total capacitance of capacitors in series, C1,C2,C3,.. :


Capacitors in parallel

The total capacitance of capacitors in parallel, C1,C2,C3,.. :

CTotal = C1+C2+C3+...

Suntan share market information :X2-MPX Capacitor Manufacturer list

June 19, 2012 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

X2-MPX Capacitor, metallized polypropylene capacitors are ideal for filters, power supplies applications.
Classes X1, X2, and Y were originally defined by the IEC in IEC 60384-14.  CENELEC has adopted EN 132400 (technically equivalent to, but structurally different from IEC 384-14 2nd edition), which now defines seven classes of line-filter capacitors.  Class X1 capacitors are impulse tested to 4 kV (higher for capacitors over 1.0 uF).  Class X2 capacitors are impulse tested to 2.5 kV (higher for capacitors over 1.0 uF).  Capacitors conforming to IEC60384-14 normally also conform to EN132400, and vice versa, and should be accepted in all European countries.

Jenn Fu:
Suntan :
jb Capacitors:
Vishay :

Suntan Hot Selling: Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor - X2 - TS08s

Su Suntan Trimmer capacitors

February 9, 2009 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors

Trimmer capacitors (trimmers) are miniature variable capacitors. They are designed to be mounted directly onto the circuit board and adjusted only when the circuit is built.

A small screwdriver or similar tool is required to adjust trimmers. The process of adjusting them requires patience because the presence of your hand and the tool will slightly change the capacitance of the circuit in the region of the trimmer!

Trimmer capacitors are only available with very small capacitances, normally less than 100pF. It is impossible to reduce their capacitance to zero, so they are usually specified by their minimum and maximum values, for example 2-10pF.

Trimmers are the capacitor equivalent of presets which are miniature variable resistors.