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Suntan Technology Company Limited
--All Kinds of Capacitors

This week, we would like to introduce our METALLIZED POLYESTER FILM CAPACITOR-AC-MFA- TS02A, with the features as follows:
High reliability with self-healing performance.
High moisture resistance.
Competitive price.
High capacitance stability.
Recommendable for high frequency circuit use.
Possibility production of special specifications.

Capacitance Range 0.01 to + 1.5 uF
Capacitance Tolerance    ±5%, ±10%, ±20%
Temperature Range         -40°C to +85°CRated Voltage AC 250V
Insulation Resistance      2,000 MΩ
Dissipation Factor   1% max. at 1KHz
Dielectric Strength  175% of rated voltage for 5sec.

Suntan TS20S Series of Solid Polymer Tantalum Capacitor in Daily Life

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Suntan Technology Company Limited

---All kinds of Capacitors
Like Super Low ESR Conductive Polymer Chip Tantalum Capacitors - TS20S, maybe people think that those capacitors are far away from us daily life. In fact, they always exist in the in the consumer’s electronics we use, but Do you know their characteristics?
The TS20S Series Solid Tantalum Capacitors from Suntan include such features as Super Low ESR, high frequency capacitance retention, volumetric efficiency, high ripple resistance, and extremely long life.
Operating Temperature Range: -55°C~+105°C (>80°C with rated volted darating)
Laser-marked Case
Capacitance tolerance: +/-20%; +/-10% (for special order)
DC leakage at 25°C:1o<=0.01 Cr or 0.5Ma (Whichever is greater)
Decoupling, smoothing, filtering
Bulk energy storage in wireless cards
Infrastructure equipment
Storage and networking
Notebook PCs
DC/DC converters