Su Suntan SMD Trimmer Potentiometer

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SMD Trimmer Potentiometer Features

  1. Single-Turn/ Cermet/ Open Frame
  2. Recommended for reflow processing
  3. Rotor design compatible with automatic adjustment equipment
  4. Supplied in 8mm embossed tape, compatible with automatic Assembly equipment
  5. 3mm size m eets EIA/EIAJ standard trimmer footprint

SMD Trimmer Potentiometer Electrical Characteristics

  1. Standard Resistance Range 10Ω to 1MΩ
  2. Resistance Tolerance ±25%
  3. Adjustment Angle 220°C ± 20°C
  4. Residual Resistance =<1K, 20Ω>1K, 2%)

SMD Trimmer Potentiometer Pictures