Suntan Supply Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

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An electrolytic capacitor is a type of capacitor that uses an electrolyte (an ionic conducting liquid) as one of its plates to achieve a larger capacitance per unit volume than other types, but with performance disadvantages. All capacitors conduct alternating current (AC) and block direct current (DC) and can be used, amongst other applications, to couple circuit blocks allowing AC signals to be transferred while blocking DC power, to store energy, and to filter signals according to their frequency. Although most electrolytic capacitors are polarized; hence, they can only be operated with direct current (DC). The large capacitance of electrolytic capacitors makes them particularly suitable for passing or bypassing low-frequency signals and storing large amounts of energy. They are widely used in power supplies and for decoupling unwanted AC components from DC power connections.

Electronic capacitors are one of the most widely used electronic components. These electronic capacitors only allow alternating or changing signals to pass through them, and as a result they find applications in many different areas of electronic circuit design. Suntan supply a wide variety of types of capacitor including electrolytic, ceramic, tantalum, plastic, sliver mica, and many more. Each capacitor type is introduced in

Two types of electrolytic capacitor are in common use: aluminum and tantalum. Tantalum capacitors have generally better performance, higher price, and are available only in a more restricted range of parameters. Solid polymer dielectric aluminum electrolytic capacitors have better characteristics than wet-electrolyte types—in particular lower and more stable ESR and longer life—at higher prices and more restricted values. 

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Suntan TS08S----- New Approvals for VDE, ENEC

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
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TS08S series - X2 safety capacitor which is our strong item has new update: we have got more certificates for all our 275VAC, 305VAC, 310VAC till now, like VDE, ENEC & UL certificate, accordingly our products will have new print on the body, here attached our new pictures for your reference, we will offer such products with our SUNTAN brand from now on.
Hope such approvals can help you and us meet more business!

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Suntan Plastic Film Capacitor TS03,TS03Q

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Suntan is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of Plastic Film Capacitors , including Green Polyester Film Capacitor, Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor , Mini BOX metallized Film Capacitor, X2 Capacitor, Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor and Polystyrene Film Capacitor etc.
Suntan full support for film capacitor Plastic Film Capacitors List TS01 TS02 TS02A TS02B TS03 TS03Q TS04A TS04B TS04C TS04D TS05 TS05D TS05M TS05N TS05S TS06 TS07 TS07B TS08 TS09 TS09B TS10 TS11
Today will introduce to you that our film capacitors TS03,TS03Q

Miniature Size Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor - TS03
Miniature Size Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor Features
1. The small size can be compared favourably with the staked film capacitor.
2. Excellent self-healing property and reliability.
3. Low dissipation factor.
4. Epoxy resin powder coating provides the identical outer appearance.

Polyester Film Capacitor - Epoxy Dip Coated - Non-Inductive - TS03Q
Polyester Film Capacitor - Epoxy Dip Coated - Non-Inductive Features

1. Small size.
2. Excellent electric characteristics in non-inductive construction.
3. RoHS directive compliant.

Suntan SM Silver Mica Capacitor

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

An overview or tutorial about the basics of the silver mica capacitor, its construction, properties and the uses of silver mica capacitors particularly in RF circuits.

Silver mica capacitors have been widely used as high performance capacitors over the years. Although silver mica capacitors are not as widely used, these days, nevertheless they are still available and used in a variety of applications where their particular properties are needed.
Silver mica capacitors are able to provide very high levels of accuracy, stability and low loss. As a result silver mica capacitors found many uses in radio frequency applications, particular for oscillator and filter circuits where their stability, accuracy and low loss (leading to high Q) were needed. Although not as widely used these days, they can still be obtained and are used where stability of value is of the utmost importance and where low loss is required. 
Two main reason for the decline in the use of silver mica capacitors is their size, resulting from the materials used and their construction. The cost of silver mica capacitors is higher than many other types that can often be used these days.
Silver mica capacitor properties

The reason for the continued use of silver mica capacitors is the fact that they can offer very high levels of performance, better in many areas than any other type of capacitor. However in many applications, other more modern technologies provide levels of performance that meets the needs for that particular requirement.
The particular properties of the silver mica capacitor are summarised below:
•High accuracy: Silver mica capacitors can be obtained with tolerance figures of +/- 1%. This is much better than virtually every other form of capacitor available today. 
•Temperature co-efficient: The temperature co-efficient of silver mica capacitors is much better than most other types of capacitor. The temperature coefficient is positive and is normally in the region 35 to 75 ppm / C, with +50 ppm / C being an average value 
•Value range: Values for silver mica capacitors are normally in the range between a few picofarads up to two or possibly three thousand picofarads. 
•Low capacitance variation with voltage :   Silver mica capacitors exhibit very little voltage dependence. 
•High Q:  Silver mica capacitors have very high levels of Q and conversely small power factors. These are both almost independent of frequency.

Although silver mica capacitors have a high tolerance and low temperature co-efficient they are known to jump in value on occasions.
Suntan SM mica capacitors are ideal for high requence and RF applications.SM is our tradmark about sliver mica capacitors,if you have any inquire about Silver Mica capacitors,Pls contact our by website, we can offer you all kinds of capacitors.

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Suntan Silver Mica (SM) Capacitors

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Suntan Silver Mica Capacitors with high reliability (SM tradmark)

Suntan Silver Mica Capacitors are available with values that range from 1–22,000 pF, voltages are in the range 50–1000V for standard dipped mica capacitors. Mica capacitors exhibit very little voltage dependence, have high Q or conversely small power factors that are quite independent of frequency. With all these advantage, our mica capacitors are ideal for high requence and RF applications.

Mica Capacitors Specifications

Brand SM
    capacitance range : 1pf – 22,000pf
                 tolerance : ±0.5pf, ±1%, ±2%, ±5% ~ 20%
            rated voltage : dc 50v, 100v, 300v, 500v
operating temperature: -55°c ~ 125°c
  withstanding voltage : rated voltage x 2 (vdc) within 1-5 seconds

Silver Mica Capacitors Knowledge

Silver mica capacitors are high precision high stability high reliability capacitors. They are available in small values, and are mostly used at high frequencies.

Mica capacitors, which are now obsolete, were in use in the early 20th century. They consisted of sheets of mica and copper foil sandwiched together and clamped.

Silver mica capacitors, also known as silvered mica capacitors, obsoleted mica capacitors. Instead of being clamped with foils these use sheets of mica coated on both sides with deposited metal. The assembly is dipped in epoxy. The advantages are:

  • greater stability, since there are no capacitive airgaps that can change dimension,
  • airtight enclosure removes the risk of oxidation or corrosion of plates or connections.
  • greater value per volume, since
  • there are no airgaps between plates and mica,
  • the conducting surfaces can be thinner.
  • no clamping mechanism is needed

Suntan TS08S - X2 275VAC Safety Capacitor Stock Offer

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Our new series - TS08S - X2 275VAC Safety Capacitor get good feedback from market. As per customers' demand, we continually promoting 305VAC and 310VAC X2 Safety Capacitor, and  we are applying VDE and ENEC certificates too. Welcome send inquiry to us to check price and more details. 
Besides, In order to help customers push leadtime, we offer 275VAC Safety Capacitor stock below, pls. contact our sales urgently if need. 

TS08S Qty
X2 Met 0.022uF 275VAC +/-10% P:10mm 13*5*11mm RoHS 10,000
X2 Met 0.22uF 275VAC +/-10% P:15mm 18*8.5*14.5mm RoHS 67,000
X2 Met 0.33uF 275VAC +/-10% P:15mm 18*10*15.8mm RoHS 4,000
X2 Met 1uF 275VAC +/-10% P:27.5mm 31.5*13*21.5mm RoHS 50,000