Su Suntan’s Wirewound Potentiometer TSR-3590 & TSR-3540 with Better Support Now

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors
We have better offer for our TSR-3590 and TSR-3540 series now.
Please see their specification below.
If you have any interests, please send us your inquiries to
1. TSR-3590 – Precision Multiturn Wirewound Potentiometer:

Precision Multiturn Wirewound Potentiometer Electrical Characteristics

Standard Resistance Range

100 - 100K

Resistance Tolerance


Independent Linearity


Effective Electrial Travel


Terminal Resistance

0.2% R or 5


3% R or 3 Ω

Insulation Resistance


Withstand Voltage

101.3kPa710V, 8.5kPa470V

2. TSR-3540 – Wirewound Element-3540 / Precision Element-3541:

Wirewound Element - 3540 / precision Element - 3541 Electrical Characteristics

Standard Resistance Range

100 to 100KΩ

Total Resistance Tolerance


Independent Linearity


Effective Electrical Angle


Absolute Minimum Resistance/ Minimum Voltage

1 ohm or 0.2% max (Whichever is greater)

Noise/ Output Smoothness

3R or 3Ω

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage

101.3Pa 710V,8.5kPa 470V

Insulation Resistance (500 VDC)



See recommended part#

Look forward to hear from you soon.
Thank you!

Su Suntan Support Better on Trimming Potentiometers

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors

Good Day Everyone,
Do you need Trimming Potentiometers recently? Suntan can offer better support on below items now! Pls check it out and send inquiry to our sales team / for more information. Thank you.
Suntan Trimming Potentiometers with Datasheet:
Precision Multiturn Wirewound Potentiometer - TSR-3590:
Wirewound Element - 3540 / Precision Element - 3541 - TSR-3540:

Su Suntan Transistors with SOT-23 Packing

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors

Dear Friends,

Do you need below Transistors with SOT-23 packing? Suntan have great promotion with wonderful price now, welcome to contact us immediately if you have interests! We will do our best to support you!

BC807-16    SOT23 T&R
BC807-25    SOT23 T&R
BC807-40    SOT23 T&R
BC817-16    SOT23 T&R
BC817-25    SOT23 T&R
BC817-40    SOT23 T&R
BC846A    SOT23 T&R
BC846B    SOT23 T&R
BC846C    SOT23 T&R
BC847A    SOT23 T&R
BC847B    SOT23 T&R
BC847C    SOT23 T&R
BC848A    SOT23 T&R
BC848B    SOT23 T&R
BC848C    SOT23 T&R
BC849A    SOT23 T&R
BC849B    SOT23 T&R
BC849C    SOT23 T&R
BC850A    SOT23 T&R
BC850B    SOT23 T&R
BC850C    SOT23 T&R
BC856A    SOT23 T&R
BC856B    SOT23 T&R
BC856C    SOT23 T&R
BC857A    SOT23 T&R
BC857B    SOT23 T&R
BC857C    SOT23 T&R
BC858A    SOT23 T&R
BC858B    SOT23 T&R
BC858C    SOT23 T&R
BC859A    SOT23 T&R
BC859B    SOT23 T&R
BC859C    SOT23 T&R
MMBT3904    SOT23 T&R
MMBT3906    SOT23 T&R
MMBT8050C(1.5A) SOT23 T&R
MMBT8050C    SOT23 T&R
MMBT8050D(1.5A) SOT23 T&R
MMBT8050D    SOT23 T&R
MMBT8550C(1.5A) SOT23 T&R
MMBT8550C    SOT23 T&R
MMBT8550D(1.5A) SOT23 T&R
MMBT8550D    SOT23 T&R
MMBT9012G    SOT23 T&R
MMBT9012H    SOT23 T&R
MMBT9013G    SOT23 T&R
MMBT9013H    SOT23 T&R
MMBT9014B    SOT23 T&R
MMBT9014C    SOT23 T&R
MMBT9014D    SOT23 T&R
MMBT9015B    SOT23 T&R
MMBT9015C    SOT23 T&R
MMBT9015D    SOT23 T&R
MMBT9018G    SOT23 T&R
MMBT9018H    SOT23 T&R

Su Suntan Sales Office Will be Closed on 13th of May

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors

Dear Customers,
Suntan office will be closed on 13th of May for Vesak day. In Hong Kong, all the Buddha of temple will hold some events to celebrate the Buddha’s birthday.
Please kindly note that we will also not arrange the shipment on this day. If you have any urgent case, please inform your sales or contact us on now. We will try the best to meet your inquired.

Su Suntan 3MM Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors Have Stocks in Hong Kong

May 7, 2019 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors

Dear Friends,

Suntan hot product- 3MM Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors have stocks in Hong Kong now! which is a good replacement of Murata TZC3 series, and can sent it out in a short time once order confrimed and payment got, welcome to contact us if you have interests!

TSC3S503T1R 7,000 in HK
TSC3S506T1R 27,000 in HK
TSC3S510T1R 60,000 in HK
TSC3S520T1R 36,000 in HK
TSC3S530T1R 46,000 in HK