Suntan Ultra Capacitor - Standard Coin Type - TS12-01 Series

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Dear Customers,
Do you need any kind of Gold Capacitors/Ultra Capacitors? 

We recommend TS12-01 series for your reference , pls check below info.
Suntan offer three types for this series, welcome to send us inquiry at or if any interest.

5.5V Ultra Capacitor - Standard Coin Type - TS12-01:
Standard coin-type
Small-sized, large capacity


Suntan Combined Type Super Farad Capacitor for Low Internal Resistance and High Current

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All Kinds of Capacitors

Super Capacitor,also called Double layer capacitor combination type capacitors.
Suntan TS12 Combined Type ultracapacitor products are small in size with a low profile, high-capacity requirements, allowing for space-saving designs, easy installation. These components are excellent suitable for a wide range application, including battery load leveling in mobile devices, memory backup in electronic devices, energy harvesting, and more.
Suntan offer two series Combined Type ultracapacitor,super,farad capacitor

5.5V-7.5V Combined Type Ultra Capacitor--TS12-ML
Welcome to check link:

5V-7.5V Combined Type Ultra Capacitor--TS12-MS
Welcome to check link:

Suntan Combined Type Super Farad Capacitor for Low Internal Resistance and High Current

Suntan Ultra Capacitors(Super Capacitor)

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
--All kinds of Capacitors

We uploaded our Ultra Capacitors on Youtube at Suntan’s channel for reference. 
Click this link to see how it works.
1. *Radial type, Snap-in type, Screw Type terminals.
2. *High energy and high power.
3. *Low ESR.
4. *Pb-free and RoHS compliant.

Contact us to get more information.

Suntan Ultra Capacitors(Supercapacitor)

Su Suntan Ultra Capacitor Manufacturer

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Suntan Technology Company Limited

--All kinds of Capacitors

Do you know the street lamp, automotive automation device, solar energy equipment need the same electronic components to work, which is a high-capacity capacitor with a capacitance value much higher than other capacitors? It is called Super Capacitor, Ultra Capacitor as well.

Here Electric double layer capacitor (EDLCs) with Low Leakage, small size and large capacity, rapid charging advantage:
TS12 Electric Double Layer Capacitor:
TS12S-V Electric Double Layer Capacitor - Serial Structure:

Suntan New Type Ultra Capacitor- Coin, Snap-in, Radial, Screw, Button Type

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
--All kinds of Capacitors

Super Capacitor are charge storage devices, with particularly very high pulse power, capacitance densities and exceptional cycle life.

Where Can Ultra Capacitors are applied?

1. High power with moderate to low energy equirement, e.g.: cranes, elevators.
2. Voltage support of high energy devices, e.g.: combination with fuel cell
3. Maintenance free applications, e.g.: space travel.
Suntan Ultra Capacitors lists:
TS12: Electric Double Layer Capacitor
TS12S-V: Electric Double Layer Capacitor - Serial Structure
TS12-01: 5.5V Ultra Capacitor - Standard Coin Type
TS12-R1: 2.7V-3.0V Ultra Capacitor - Radial/Snap-in/Screw Type - High Power Type

Suntan New Type Ultra Capacitor- Coin, Snap-in, Radial, Screw, Button Type

Suntan Gold Capacitor -- Electric double-layer capacitor

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In an electrical double layer, each layer by itself is quite conductive, but the physics at the interface where the layers are effectively in contact means that no significant current can flow between the layers. However, the double layer can withstand only a low voltage, which means that electric double-layer capacitors rated for higher voltages must be made of matched series-connected individual EDLCs, much like series-connected cells in higher-voltage batteries.

EDLCs have much higher power density than batteries. Power density combines the energy density with the speed that the energy can be delivered to the load. Batteries, which are based on the movement of charge carriers in a liquid electrolyte, have relatively slow charge and discharge times. Capacitors, on the other hand, can be charged or discharged at a rate that is typically limited by current heating of the electrodes. So while existing EDLCs have energy densities that are perhaps 1/10 that of a conventional battery, their power density is generally 10 to 100 times as great.

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Suntan Electrolytic double-layer capacitors Applications

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1.Extremely large capacitance to volume ratio, small size, low ESR.

2.Available in hundreds, or thousands, of farads. A relatively new capacitor technology.

3.Often used to temporarily provide power to equipment during battery replacement.

4.Can rapidly absorb and deliver larger currents than batteries during charging and discharging, making them valuable for hybrid vehicles.

5.Polarized, low operating voltage (volts per capacitor cell). Groups of cells are stacked to provide higher overall operating voltage.

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Suntan Gold Capacitor Notifications and Recommendation

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The Gold Capacitor should be distant from fire , high temperature or high humidity environment.

Do not compress, crush, throw down or heat the Gold Capacitor. In addition, do not take the Gold Capacitor apart.
Do not throw the Gold Capacitor in any liquid.

Precautions in use

Do not apply voltage higher than rated voltage. Over the rated voltage will cause the Gold Capacitor to explode.

Since the Gold Capacitor is polarized; do not apply a reverse voltage.
Reversing charge the Gold Capacitor will decrease the capacitance and cause ill effects in circuit.

The Gold Capacitor is not suited to AC circuit. It can not perform rectification and filter function.

Reduce the time during soldering operation. The recommend soldering conditions is: temperature below 250, the longest operating time should be less than 5 sec.

Do not bend the lead terminal too frequently to split.

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Suntan Electric Double Layer Capacitor – TS12S-R

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The Electric Double Layer Capacitors developed by Suntan are storage capacitors with highest capacitance values in the Farad range. They are among others suited to serve as batteries, can deliver considerably higher currents for a short time, however, and are maintenance free.

The construction of a Double Layer Capacitor can be described as a plate capacitor where the most important topic is to obtain electrodes with an extremely large surface. For this purpose activated carbon is ideally suited, as it allows to obtain capacitance values of up to 100F/g of the active mass of the electrode.

The electrolyte, the conductive liquid between the electrodes, is a conducting salt dissolved in an aqueous or organic solvent which permits to apply voltages of 2 V (in special cases 3 V).

The actual double layer consists from ions which attach to the electrodes - negative ions to the positive electrode and positive ions to the negative electrode - as soon as a voltage is applied to the cell and thus create a dielectric of a few Angstrom only. According to the formula for the capacitor from the dielectric constant of the double layer (approx. 10) and the extremely thin dielectric you get an very high capacitance value.

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Suntan Electric Double Layer Capacitor Advantages

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Long life, with little degradation over hundreds of thousands of charge cycles. Due to the capacitor's high number of charge-discharge cycles (millions or more compared to 200 to 1000 for most commercially available rechargeable batteries) it will last for the entire lifetime of most devices, which makes the device environmentally friendly. Rechargeable batteries wear out typically over a few years, and their highly reactive chemical electrolytes present a disposal and safety hazard. Battery lifetime can be optimised by only charging under favorable conditions, at an ideal rate and, for some chemistries, as infrequently as possible. Electric Double Layer Capacitor can help in conjunction with batteries by acting as a charge conditioner, storing energy from other sources for load balancing purposes and then using any excess energy to charge the batteries at a suitable time.
Low cost per cycle
Good reversibility
Very high rates of charge and discharge.
Extremely low internal resistance (ESR) and consequent high cycle efficiency (95% or more) and extremely low heating levels
High output power
High specific power. According to ITS (Institute of Transportation Studies, Davis, California) test results, the specific power of electric double-layer capacitors can exceed 6 kW/kg at 95% efficiency
Improved safety, no corrosive electrolyte and low toxicity of materials.
Simple charge methods—no full-charge detection is needed; no danger of overcharging.

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