Su Suntan Support Various of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors
As you know, Suntan has committed to our product lines to meet customer’s demands, especially in this rapidly changing market. We will keep developing new products to be ahead of the curve and provide a broad lines to support you all.
Now, we have really great support in Electrolytic Capacitors series including Axial type , Radial type, SMD type , Snap-in type , Screw type and Lug type. Here are some recommendations down below, take a look.
Axial type – TS13AD: Low leakage, 85°C, 2000 hours , 3.3uF~6800uF, 25V~160V 
Radial type – TS14 :General, 105°C , 2000 hours, 0.1uF~22000uF , 6.3V~450V
Radial type – TS13D CD110X : General , 85°C , 2000 hours, 0.1uF~6800uF , 6.3V~450V
SMD type – TS13C0 : Standard , 85°C , 2000 hours, 0.1uF~10000uF , 4V~100V
SMD type – TS13CA : Super low impedance , 105°C , 5000 hours, 3.3uF~6800uF , 6.3V~100V
All types of Electrolytic Capacitors :
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Suntan 2015 Christmas Holiday and 2016 New Year Holiday Arrangement

December 24, 2015 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All Kinds of Capacitors
Dear Customers, how time flies, we are going to say goodbye to year 2015 and welcome the new year 2016.
We will celebrate Christmas on Dec 25th-27th 2015, New Year on Jan 1st-3rd 2016. 
Your enquiry on these days will get quick response once we resume work.
Thanks for your great support in year 2015, we appreciate your attention in this year and look forward to service you in year 2016.

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Suntan Produce All Kinds of AC Motor Running Capacitors

September 29, 2014 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All Kinds of Capacitors
Suntan is specialized in all kinds of capacitors.
In year 2014, we are proud to say that we got CE approval for all of our AC Motor Running Capacitors.
CBB60 : Cylindrical type with placstic case , totally 13 types from TS11-A to TS11-9
CBB61:  Box type with placstic case , totally 12 types from TS11-10 to TS11-21 
CBB65:  Cylindrical type with aluminium case, totally 5 types from TS11-22 to TS11-26
We have confidence in our product quality and we also can provide the best after service to you.

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