Suntan CBB60 Motor Running Capacitor - TS11-10~21

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This week, we would like to introduce CBB60 Motor Running Capacitor - TS11-10~21, with below features:
Low D.F. (dissipation factor), good self-healing character
High I.R. (insulation resistance)
High safety & high reliability
Anti-Striking current, strong over-carrier capacity
Operating Temperature: -40°C to + 85°C

Rated Voltage: AC 250V 450V
Capacitance Range 1uF~100uF
Capacitance Tolerance    J(±5%)、K(±10%)
WITHSTAND VOLTAGE    Test area, Test voltage T-T, rated voltage, 2s T-C, 2400VAC(If all shell made of insulating materials, without any test in this project)
WITHSTAND VOLTAGE    GB/T3667.1-2016, IEC/EN60252.1
Dissipation Factor   ≤0.004 100Hz
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Suntan CBB60 Motor Running Capacitor - TS11-10~21

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