Suntan introduce SMD Diode function and how you need

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As you know diode is formed by joining two equivalently doped P-Type and N-Type semicon-ductor. When they are joined an interesting phenomenon takes place. The P-Type semiconductor has excess holes and is of positive charge. The N-Type semiconductor has excess electrons. At the point of contact of the P-Type and N-Type regions, the holes in the P-Type attract electrons in the N-Type material.

Suntan offer full range of rectifier, including General Purpose Rectifiers, Fast Recovery Rectifiers High Efficient Rectifiers, Super-Fast Rectifiers, Schottky Rectifiers.

Suntan SMD Rectifier M1-M7 general rectifier are made of plastic package which carries Underwriters Laboratory Flammability Classification 94V-0.
It is extensively used in many application like emergency light and ballast.

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