Suntan Big Updates! New Approvals!

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
--All kinds of Capacitors

Dear friends,

We got new approvals of TS08H 310VAC Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor X2.
It’s a benefit on your side! Get good offers? Contact Suntan.

Reference size: 

*TS08H 0.01uF 310VAC +/-10% 18x5x11mm P:10mm Bulk RoHS*
*TS08H 0.22uF 310VAC +/-10% 13x6x12mm P:10mm Bulk RoHS*
We can be customized sizes as you requested. Contact us now.

Suntan Big Updates! New Approvals!

Suntan Tact Switch Bottom Offer

September 9, 2013 Views
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 Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All Kinds of Capacitors

Suntan is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of Switches Including tactile switch, through hole type tactile swtich, Square Knob ,Tactile switch,momentary push switch. Tact switches are commonly used in many consumer electronic devices. They have a small footprint and come in many sizes and gram forces.Please refer to below product picture of Tact switch.

Tact switch Applications:
Consumer electronics
Medical device
Computer peripherals

Rating                : 50mA 12V.DC 
Insulation Resistance : >100MΩ 100V.DC/1Min 
Contact Resistance    : 100MΩ Max 
Withstand Voltage     : 250V.AC/50HZ
Ambient Temperature   : -20℃~70℃ 
Mechanical Life       : 50,000~100,000 Cycles

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