Suntan Su Bridge Rectifiers Circuits Main Usages and Functions

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Bridge is a type of electrical circuit. Bridge Rectifiers are the circuits which convert alternating current (A.C.) into direct current (D.C.) using the diodes arranged in the bridge circuit configuration. Bridge Rectifiers provide full wave rectification and is of low cost, so it is used in many applications.

Suntan Su bridge rectifier circuit is essentially a full-wave rectifier circuit, using four diodes, forming the four arms of an electrical bridge. The main advantage of this circuit is that it does not require a centre tap on the secondary winding of the transformer. To one diagonal of the bridge, the A.C.voltage is applied through a transformer if necessary, and the rectified D.C. voltage is taken from the other diagonal of the bridge.

Suntan Su bridge rectifier circuits are mainly used:
As a power rectifier circuit for converting A.C. power to D.C. power;
As a rectifying system in rectifier type A.C. meters, such as A.C. Voltmeter, in which the A.C. voltage under measurement is first converted into D.C. and measured with conventional meter.