Suntan Tantalum Capacitor Series Introduction, Take a Look!!!

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
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We'd like to recommend our Tantalum Capacitors for your reference.
*Dipped Tantalum Capacitor—TS19 : it can be widely used in TV sets, computers, program-controlled electronic telephone switching systems, telephones, instruments and meters.
*Chip Tantalum Capacitor (SMD)—TS20 : compatible with all popular “high volume” automatic pick and equipment
*Chip Tantalum Capacitor LOW ESR (SMD)—TS20L : for SMT electric board used for telecommunication camcorder and mobile phone set and so on.





Operating temp.

-55°C to +125°C

-55 ~ +125°C


Capacitance range

0.047uF ~ 680uF



Capacitance tolerance

±20%; ±10%; ±5%

±20%; ±10%

±20%; ±10%


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Suntan TS20S Polymer SMD Tantalum Capacitors-Very Low ESR

March 4, 2020 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
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Polymer capacitors, they use solid polymer electrolytes instead of liquid or gel electrolytes that are found in ordinary electrolytic capacitors. By using solid electrolyte, the electrolyte drying is completely avoided.

Our factory have started for production, and we will produce Suntan TS20S Polymer SMD Tantalum Capacitors in recent month, please free feel to contact us by

Su Suntan TS19 Dipped Type for Military and TS20 SMD Type for Pulsating Circuit

March 19, 2019 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors

Do you know that Tantalum Capacitors are widely used to provide levels of capacitance?
Tantalum capacitors are suitable for working under high temperature. Its unique self-healing performance guarantees it with long life and reliability.

Here are two series of our Tantalum Capacitors—

TS19 dipped type--mainly used in military and civil applications such as..
◆TV sets  ◆computers  ◆instruments  ◆meters
◆program-controlled electronic telephone switching system

TS20 SMD type--suitable to surface mounted direct current or pulsating circuit in various electronic equipments such as ..
◆mobile communication   ◆auto electronics   ◆computer
◆program-controlled exchanger  ◆ vidicon

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Suntan Updated Production Lead Time of TS18, TS18H & TS20

November 8, 2017 Views
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 Suntan Technology Company Limited
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As we submitted on the blog in last one or two months, the production line of MLCC TS18/ TS18H and SMD tantalum capacitor TS20 is even busier and can not offer any good lead time now. Our current delivery schedule would be after Chinese Lunar New Year because of too much pending orders. For avoiding any possible material shortage, we hope you, our valued customers can review your demand right now and release PO to our sales immediately, or you may have to afford even longer lead time or much higher purchasing cost far more than you’d expected. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

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Suntan Shares the Basic Information of Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor

December 31, 2015 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All Kinds of Capacitors
Kind Feature Fit for
Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor Features of tantalum electrolytic capacitors are like aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Different points are that they are smaller than and superior inESR/ESL frequency characteristics to aluminum capacitors. However, theirESR/ESL characteristics do not reach ceramic capacitors. As they also have polarity, reverse voltage and overvoltage cause fuming and/or heating. voltage smoothing in power lines, bypass

If you are interested in Suntan Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor, please check below link.

Suntan Applications on Tantalum Capacitors

June 30, 2015 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All Kinds of Capacitors

Good day, everybody! Here it's very pleased to share our Suntan's product application informaion about Tantalum Capacitors with all of you. 
Maybe you have business in tantalum capacitors now or you will use this series in your project in the near future. They are a form of electrolytic capacitors and most are available as SMD chip tantalum capacitors. One of the application for SMD type of tantalum capacitors is POS (point of-sale).
The POS is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. It is the point at which a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or after provision of a service. They are designed for restaurants, shops and other businesses that do not need to handle as many tills or as many daily transactions as a supermarket. POS accepts magnetic stripe card, smart cards and interfaces with contactless devices (cards, smart phones) through its integrated antenna.
Via browse above product information, do you have interest in trying our tantalum capacitors? For more information about this series, freely visit our website: