Suntan Trimming Potentiometers Lead Time Announcement

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
--- All Kinds of Capacitors

Suntan is one of the leading manufacturers for (trimpots) trimming potentiometers in China since 1978.
Compared with overseas famous brands, our price is more favorable, and quality is capable to compete with them.
However, we have confident that Suntan trimmers gain good reputation all over the world.

In August and September, due to the environmental audit by government department, 
our factory has slowed down a little bit on the production of trimming potentiometers. 
Right now, everything resume normal, the fast lead time of our products is another advantage compared with others factories.

TSR-3006,TSR-3386,TSR-3266,TSR-C3305,TSR-3540,3541 are the best sellers in Suntan Trimming Potentiometers, welcome your enquiry.

How to Order Suntan TSR-3006P Trimming Potentiometers

September 24, 2015 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All Kinds of Capacitors

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Trimming Potentiometers

Rectangular Trimming Potentiometer 3006P

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Trimming Potentiometer 3006P series 50,000 Ohm RoHS





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