Suntan Tells You The Difference Between Standard and Dual Type AC Motor Running Capacitor CBB65

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Our most strong AC Motor Running Capacitor is CBB65. We produce standard type and dual type with               Class B. 
Standard type is TS11-22, 23,24. Dual type is TS11-25, 26. 
The main difference about this two types of CBB65 motor running capacitor is the terminal and the constructor.
Standard  type TS11-22, 23,24 : Only has two plugs and has a capacitor of air comditioner compressor.
Dual type TS11-25, 26 : Three plugs in total. It combines the capacitor of air comditioner compressor with the capacitor of fan . 
(C for public pole, HERM for compressor pole, FAN for fan pole).
Stock sample is on hand now, if you want to test the quality of our capacitors, please write us anytime.

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