Su Suntan TS19 Dipped Type for Military and TS20 SMD Type for Pulsating Circuit

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Do you know that Tantalum Capacitors are widely used to provide levels of capacitance?
Tantalum capacitors are suitable for working under high temperature. Its unique self-healing performance guarantees it with long life and reliability.

Here are two series of our Tantalum Capacitors—

TS19 dipped type--mainly used in military and civil applications such as..
◆TV sets  ◆computers  ◆instruments  ◆meters
◆program-controlled electronic telephone switching system

TS20 SMD type--suitable to surface mounted direct current or pulsating circuit in various electronic equipments such as ..
◆mobile communication   ◆auto electronics   ◆computer
◆program-controlled exchanger  ◆ vidicon

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