Suntan - Since the Outbreak of Epidemic

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Dear all of our customers,

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, some countries are got controlled, but some are still fighting against COVID-19.
We sincerely hope that all of you can be safe and healthy, please stay at home and follow the related policies if necessary.

Suntan is working normally, if you have any urgent needs on products, contact us.
Be safe! Be healthy!

Since the Outbreak of Epidemic COVID-19

Breakdown voltage

February 12, 2009 Views
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When using a capacitor, you must pay attention to the maximum voltage which can be used. This is the "breakdown voltage." The breakdown voltage depends on the kind of capacitor being used. You must be especially careful with electrolytic capacitors because the breakdown voltage is comparatively low. The breakdown voltage of electrolytic capacitors is displayed as Working Voltage.

The breakdown voltage is the voltage that when exceeded will cause the dielectric (insulator) inside the capacitor to break down and conduct. When this happens, the failure can be catastrophic.

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