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Suntan Technology Company Limited

----All Kinds of Capacitors

This week, we would like to introduce COIN TYPE ULTRA CAPACITOR – Gold Capacitors  TS12-01 to you
Following is a COIN TYPE ULTRA CAPACITOR specifications and features.

Coin Type Ultra Capacitor Features
Standard coin-type.
Small-sized, large capacity.

Coin Type Ultra Capacitor Specifications
Series Name    TS12-01 Series
Rated Voltage VR    5.5V
Surge Voltage  5.8V
Capacity Range        0.1F~1.5F
Operating Temperature Range       -25~ +70℃
Product Life     Normal temperature cycle life:25℃,500,000 cycles between VR and 1/2VR , Capacity attenuation≤30% , ESR change≤4 times.
High temperature endurance life:70℃,maintain VR, 1000 hours. Capacity attenuation≤30% , ESR change≤4 times.

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Another Holiday for Suntan People Coming Soon – The National Day Holiday

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors

After the Mid-Autumn Festival, we’ll have the National Day holiday next Monday.

Our National Day was set up to commemorate the founding date of the People’s Republic of China - October 1st, 1949.
It is interesting that the National Day in ancient China is only to celebrate the Emperor’s birthday and the date he ascended the throne.

And it’s one of the longest holidays in China. Most of the Chinese people will have 7 days off for it, which makes it also been called as the “Golden Week”.

Suntan sales will only take one day off on October 1st, then get back to normal work the next day.
But kindly notice that our factory staffs will still have a vacation for 7 days. That might affect lead time a bit.
So, if you have any order plans lately, please contact us and place them asap. Thank you!

Celebrate Golden Rooster Year With Suntan

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Believe all over the world knows that China will begin its biggest festival – Chinese Spring Festival soon.
Like monkey is last year’s representative animal, this year is golden rooster. Generally it’s as a very common food, while it also has many idiom and stories in Chinese history. The famous ones are Golden rooster announce good news, Golden rooster announce the morning etc. it’s liked by all the people.
Although the production will slow down, our sales team will still work in office, customers still can send email to us. After workers back to work, we will expedite the production to meet customer’s delivery schedule.

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Finally, share one greeting card from our customer: Chinese tranditional red with one rooster. Very appreciate again!