Suntan Silver Mica Capacitors – TS23

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Suntan Technology Company Limited

----All Kinds of Capacitors

This week, we’re going to introduce our Silver Mica Capacitors – TS23, which are high precision high stability high reliability capacitors.

Mica is one of the oldest dielectric mineral materials used in capacitor construction, with very stable electrically, mechanically and chemically. It has a dielectric constant in the range 5–7. Natural mica contains many other materials including, iron, sodium, ferric oxide, and lithium. Because of the variability in composition of natural mica, mica destined for use in capacitors must be carefully inspected and classified, which adds to the manufacturing cost.
They are available in small values, and are mostly used at high frequencies.

Mica Capacitors Specifications
Capacitance Range: 1pF – 100,000pF
Tolerance         +/-0.5pF,  +/-1%, +/-2%, +/-5% ~ 20%
Rated Voltage DC 50V, 100V, 300V, 500V
Operating Temperature  150°C at full rated voltage

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Suntan Silver Mica Capacitors – TS23

Suntan Hope You Take Care Youself and Your Family

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
--All kinds of Capacitors
Dear all, 
The Coronavirus issue has been circulating around the world, we sincerely hope that the hard time will go through soon.
Suntan team be involved in developing our product lines to our customers. This time we have launched new series of Tantalum Capacitors, see below lists. 
*TS25-01 Hybrid Tantalum Capacitors Radial-lead, Heteropolarity 
*TS25-04 Hybrid Tantalum Capacitors Radial-lead, Heteropolarity, Screws
*TS25-11 Hybrid Tantalum Capacitors (With Mounting Flange)
*TS26-01 Silver Axial Wet Tantalum Capacitors 
Hybrid Tantalum capacitors provide very energy density and high power in devices much smaller and lighter than traditional tantalum wet, tantalum chip, etc. 
Check all series, here is the link
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Suntan Has Launched a New Tantalum Series - Silver Axial Wet Tantalum Capacitors

April 15, 2020 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
--All kinds of Capacitors

Suntan has launched a new tantalum series -  Silver Axial Wet Tantalum Capacitors, with the features of:
Silver Case encapsulation, Epoxy end-filled, Tubular, Axial- lead, with insulation sleeve, Heteropolarity
Stable in Electrical Characteristics, High reliability, Long life-span, Low DF & DCL, Small in size for installation
Applying in Telecommunications, Instruments and Meters, such Electrical Equipments with DC & Impulse Circuit 
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