Suntan Silver Mica Capacitors – TS23

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Suntan Technology Company Limited

----All Kinds of Capacitors

Dear customers,

We are glad to introduce our Silver Mica Capacitors to you, Suntan TS23 series are available with values that range from 1–22,000 pF, voltages are in the range 50–1000V for standard dipped mica capacitors. Also, this product with high reliability and stability, are mostly used at high frequencies.
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Suntan Silver Mica Capacitors - TS23 series:
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Suntan Technology Company Limited---All kinds of Capacitors

November 12, 2019 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited

---All kinds of Capacitors

We are so grateful for all of your support. Our team has been working on product development for our customers in meeting their satisfaction and market demands.

We take this opportunity to introduce our Hot Sale series:
*Plastic Film Capacitors
-TS01 Mylar Capacitor 
-TS02 Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor 
-TS05 Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor-Mini Box
-TS08H 310VAC Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor X2

*Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
-Axial Type: TS13AE, 85°C, Low Voltage, 2000 hours
-SMD Type: TS13C0, 85°C, Standard, 2000 hours
-Radial Type: TS13D CD110X, 85°C, Miniaturized, 2000 hours
-Snap-in Type: TS13D CD293, 105°C, Miniaturized, 2000 hours

*Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
-TSC3S 3mm, SMD, Special Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor

*Rectifier &Diode
-M7 SMD Rectifier M1-M7 
-LL4148 Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode 
-BZV55C Silicon Planar Zener Diodes 
-TSS-TC-0010 Top Push Vertical Type Tactile Switches 
-TSS-TC-0102 Top Push Round Bottom Vertical Type Tactile Switches 

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Suntan Will Have A Brand-new Part Coming Out

August 17, 2017 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
--- All Kinds of Capacitors

Around the middle of September, Suntan will have a new part coming out, which will be our TS08H.

It is also an X2 metallized polypropylene film capacitor and with voltage 310VAC.
But the price and lead time of this part will be better than our TS08S and TS08V.

The specification of TS08H will be presented to you real soon. Please pay attention to the updates on our website. More information please visit:

Su Suntan Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors TSC3S & TSC3

December 29, 2016 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors
Suntan is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of variety Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors. We would like to share with you that 3mm-SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor and 3mm-Special SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor are with high quality and good price.
Ultra miniature size with external dimensions of 3.2(W) x 4.5(L) x 1.5(T)mm
Designed for reflow soldering
Lowest capacitance drift
Very good Q and high resonant frequency
Color coded case permits easy identification
Sealed construction prevents the penetration of Flux and Dust
Miniature and low profile capacitors
Color-coded case is according to its capacitance range for easy visual identification.
Mountable by an automatic placer
Easy adjustment
Suntan remains more competitive than the other manufacturers. 
If you want to see full range of Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors, please visit :

Suntan Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor

July 27, 2011 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Suntan is now a leading firm in the electronic component industry. Based on our unique design and processing technologies we offer a variety of ceramic products including 3mm ceramic trimmer capacitors5mm Trimmer Ceramic Capacitor6mm and 7mm Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor etc.

The following is one of our Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors,please see its features.If you are interested in other types of Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor,please visit for your reference.

5mm Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor Features:

● As well as applications to small sized electronic apparatus, this series is designed for easy handing and is available with a variety of adjustment method (top, buttom, side and double sides);
● Wide mounting sizes and variable adjustment available;
● Lots of capacity ranges,3pF through 90pF;
● Sturdy mechanical structure against vibration or shock.