Suntan high voltage ceramic capacitor

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All Kinds of Capacitors

Suntan offers High voltage of the ceramic capacitors. We can offer from 1KV to 15KV and the capacitance range is 100pF to 10,000pF. The lead time is also better than the previous. Please find the below link of the datasheet for more information and send the inquiry to or

Suntan high voltage ceramic capacitor

Su Suntan Ultra Capacitor Manufacturer

July 7, 2020 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited

--All kinds of Capacitors

Do you know the street lamp, automotive automation device, solar energy equipment need the same electronic components to work, which is a high-capacity capacitor with a capacitance value much higher than other capacitors? It is called Super Capacitor, Ultra Capacitor as well.

Here Electric double layer capacitor (EDLCs) with Low Leakage, small size and large capacity, rapid charging advantage:
TS12 Electric Double Layer Capacitor:
TS12S-V Electric Double Layer Capacitor - Serial Structure:

Suntan High Q and High Power Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose-TS18Q Series

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
--All kinds of Capacitors

Suntan TS18Q Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors is a preferred capacitance solution, offering tremendous performance for decoupling, filtering, bypassing and smoothing. A variety of Ceramic Capacitors for you choose as below, we hope the new product TS08Q can meet you satisfaction as well.
TS18 Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor - SMD 
TS18H High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor - SMD 
TS18Q High Q Low ESR RF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors – MLCC SMD
High Q MLCC TS18Q series suitable for use in RF power amplifier peripheral circuit, Inductive heating, High magnetic field environments (MRI coils), Medical and industrial electronics. Low loss characteristics contribute to energy saving of mobile devices.

Su Suntan SMD Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitor

December 31, 2019 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited

--All kinds of Capacitors

Dear Customers:
A new SMD Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitor has been developed by us recently, the main futures of this product is with Low ESR and High ripple current, for more details you can check from our datasheet link:

Suntan Cancels Bridge Rectifiers UL Approval -- Wire Leads High Current 50 A with Square Shape

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Suntan Technology Company Limited

--All kinds of Capacitors

Suntan carries a range of extremely compact, encapsulated Single-Phase Full Wave Bridge Rectifier Diodes designed to convert an input AC current into a DC current as an output. Designed and qualified for industrial and consumer level.

Feature of High Current Bridge Rectifiers: 
• Universal, 3 way terminals: Push-on, wrap around or solder
• High thermal conductivity package, electrically insulated case
• Positive polarity symbol molded on the plastic case
• Center hole fixing
• Wire Leads High Current
• Glass passivated junction
• Nickel plated terminals solderable using lead (Pb)-free solder; 

Suntan High Current Bridge Rectifiers with pin and blade type will cancel UL approval in 2020:

15.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBU15005-GBU1510

 15.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBJ15005-GBJ1510

 20.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBJ20005-GBJ2010

 25.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBJ25005-GBJ2510

 35.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBJ35005-GBJ3510

 15.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBU15005-KBU1510

 25.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBU25005-KBU2506

 25.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBU25008-KBU2510

 35.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBU35005-KBU3506

 35.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBU3508-KBU3510

 20.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBU20005-GBU2010

 25.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBU25005-GBU2510

 15.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBPC15005-KBPC1510

 25.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBPC25005-KBPC2510

 35.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBPC35005-KBPC3510

 50.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBPC50005-KBPC5010

 25.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBPC25005W-KBPC2510W

 35.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBPC35005W-KBPC3510W

 50.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBPC50005W-KBPC5010W

 25.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR25005-BR2510

 25.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR25005W-BR2510W

 15.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBPC15005-GBPC1510

 25.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBPC25005-GBPC2510

 35.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBPC35005-GBPC3510

 50.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBPC50005-GBPC5010

 15.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBPC15005W-GBPC1510W

 25.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBPC25005W-GBPC2510W

 35.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBPC35005W-GBPC3510W

 50.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBPC50005W-GBPC5010W

 15.0A Bridge Rectifiers SKBPC1504-SKBPC1516

 25.0A Bridge Rectifiers SKBPC25005-SKBPC2516

 35.0A Bridge Rectifiers SKBPC35005-SKBPC3516

 50.0A Bridge Rectifiers SKBPC5006-SKBPC5016

 25.0A Bridge Rectifiers S25VB005-S25VB100

 35.0A Bridge Rectifiers S35VB005-S35VB100

 50.0A Bridge Rectifiers S50VB005-S50VB100

 15.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBJ15005-KBJ1506

 15.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBJ1508-KBJ1510

 15.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBPC15005-KBPC1510

 30.0A Bridge Rectifiers KBPC3005-KBPC310

 15.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR15005-BR1510

 35.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR35005-BR3510

 50.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR50005-BR5010

 15.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR15005W-BR1510W

 35.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR35005W-BR3510W

 50.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR50005W-BR5010W

 15.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR15005L-BR1510L

 25.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR25005L-BR2510L

 35.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR35005L-BR3510L

 50.0A Bridge Rectifiers BR50005L-BR5010L

 50.0A Bridge Rectifiers GBJ50005-GBJ5010