Suntan Diode and Rectifier

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Christmas is coming, happy holiday and best wishes for the new year.
Now the global demand for chips is extremely high, if you have new request for diodes in the next project, we would like to suggest you place order earlier to save the time.
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Suntan Diode and Rectifier

Suntan :A look Inside Apple's iPhone 4S

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

We are always amazed when we see the complete list of components ( and parts that are in some of today’s smartphones. Besides being the ‘latest and the greatest’ as far as technology goes, the parts are also getting smaller with every iteration and release.


Take, for example, the Apple iPhone 4S. Looking beyond the plastic enclosures, the LCD screens and the cameras, there are hundreds of surface mount board level components needed to build just one iPhone 4S including many types of capacitors, surely small size chip types preferrable, series including ceramic capacitor, tantalum capacitor, electrolytic capacitor... and different chip diode, LEDS and magnetic components. Some are needed for RF purposes, some for switching, and others for power management. Even more components are needed for memory and app processing.

In all, this list is not much different from the requirements of past iPhones or other smartphones, however, the size of the components and the vast array of components required will never cease to amaze us, in this way, Suntan always try to do better .

Suntan technical department are ready here to provide further supports capacitors and sales are ready to answer new inquiry.


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