Suntan Tells You How The Varistor Works

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Zno varistor (Carbon resistor) :  also known as "surge absorber" by the usage or Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV),  is a voltage current symmetrical characteristic of resistor voltage attribute, its main design is used to protect all the electronic products or components from the switch or lightning induced by a surge of impact, and the characteristics of nonlinear index, that is similar to that of a diode. In contrast to a diode however, it has the same characteristic for both directions of traversing current. At low voltage it has a high electrical resistance which decreases as the voltage is raised. 
Features: fast reaction time, low leakage current, the superior voltage ratio, wide voltage and energy than, low standby power and no subsequent current, highly efficient surge current capacity, suppress voltage characteristic of stable performance.
In low voltage, varistor relative to the protected in terms of electronic components, has the very high impedance primes megohm, and will not change the design circuit characteristics, but when the instant surge voltage (over the collapse of varistor voltage), the impedance of the varistor will become low (only a few ohms), and cause the short circuit, in other words the electronic products or components which are protected.
Main use: lightning protection, over voltage protection. Such as power transformer at the service entrance putting into the zinc oxide lightning arrester can effective lightning protection, electronic equipment in power grid power input putting into the varistor, if the grid voltage rise the varistor will short out and fuse will also be disconnected at the same time, effectively stop over voltage into the circuit board. 
Suntan Produce two types of varistor, they are Dipped Varistor TSV and SMD Varistor TSVC. For more datails, please check at :


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