Suntan Tells You Gold Capacitor-Electric Double Layered Capacitors

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

Electric Double Layered Capacitors , know as “Gold Capacitor”, offer the highest volumetric efficiency of all capacitor technologies. It is often compared to a secondary battery. Unlike batteries, the Gold Capacitor does not rely on a chemical reaction to produce electric current rather it is a storage cell that utilizes the absorption/release reaction of ions.

Compared to other capacitors and batteries,Gold Capacitors are very new. We have summarized the characteristics and reliability of Gold Capacitors in this manual. Suntan has developed the Gold Capacitor to meet your design needs. We hope you will find this manual informative and useful. Any requirements please visit

Su Suntan Variable Capacitors

February 11, 2009 Views
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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors

Variable capacitors are mostly used in radio tuning circuits and they are sometimes called 'tuning capacitors'. They have very small capacitance values, typically between 100pF and 500pF (100pF = 0.0001µF). The type illustrated usually has trimmers built in (for making small adjustments - see below) as well as the main variable capacitor.

Many variable capacitors have very short spindles which are not suitable for the standard knobs used for variable resistors and rotary switches. It would be wise to check that a suitable knob is available before ordering a variable capacitor.

Variable capacitors are not normally used in timing circuits because their capacitance is too small to be practical and the range of values available is very limited. Instead timing circuits use a fixed capacitor and a variable resistor if it is necessary to vary the time period.