Suntan Quartz Crystal and Crystal Oscillator General Applications

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All Kinds of Capacitors

1、Wireless Infrastructure and Terminal Products: macro base station, micro base station, picocell, femtocell, repeater, gateway, radio for GSM, EDGE, CDMA, UMTS, W-CDMA, TD-SCDMA, WiMAX, LTE, DECT, TETRA
2、Wireline Infrastructure and Terminal Products: OLT, ONT, cable modem, set-top box for FTTH, FTTB, FTTC, xDSL, CATV
3、Timing and Synchronisation: IEEE 1588v2, SyncE, PTP, STRATUM III, STRATUM IIIE
4、Wide Area Networks (WAN): SDH / SONET, PDH, ATM, MPLS, 10GbE, switch, bridge, router
5、Local Area Networks (LAN): Ethernet, WLAN
6、Personal Area Networks (PAN): USB, FireWire, Bluetooth, UWB, Z-Wave, ZigBee
7、Storage Area Networks (SAN): Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, Serial Attachesd SCSI
8、Broadcasting: digital audio broadcasting (DAB), digital video broadcasting (DVB), MPEG-2, MPEG-4
9、Satellite Communications: very small aperture terminal (VSAT)
10、Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS): GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO
11、Location Systems: dedicated short-range communications (DSRC), automatic vehicle location (AVL), electronic toll collection (ETC), cargo tracking
12、Automotive: lighting, infotainment, telematics, powertrain, body control unit
13、Industrial: industrial control system (ICS), automated meter reading (AMR), access control, safety
14、Measurement and Instrumentation: synthesizer, spectrum analyzer, frequency counter, surveying
15、Medical: computer tomography (CT), hearing aid, pacemaker
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