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Suntan Technology Company Limited
----All Kinds of Capacitors

This week, we would like to introduce HIGH VOLTAGE DISC CERAMIC CAPACITORS – TS16, with below features:
Use for coupling, and by-pass circuit there are a stable and high reliability products.
Operating Condition Range:   -25°C to +85°C
Rated Working Voltage: 1KV – 15KV DC
Capacitance Range: 100pF – 10,000pF
Test Voltage:   UR≤500V, U=2.5UR;UR>500V≤6KV, U=1.5UR+500V
UR>6KV≤15KV, U=1.5UR
Insulation Resistance:     YL/SL/NPO:≥10GΩ
Y5R/Y5P/Y5U/Y5V/Y5T: CR≤25nF,≥4000MΩ, CR>25nF,Rj.CR≥100s

Welcome to contact us to know more about our parts.

Suntan SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

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Suntan Technology Company Limited

----All Kinds of Capacitor

Do you need any kind of SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors?
Suntan offer three kinds of SMD type of MLCC, welcome to check below list for reference.
Pls let us know if any question or request at or


Standard SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor


High Voltage SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor


High Q Low ESR RF SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors



Suntan Motor Capacitors

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All Kinds of Capacitors

Dear Friends,

Our Suntan offers all kinds of capacitors, including AC motor running capacitors and AC motor starting capacitors. All of our motor starting capacitors with CE approval.
Please refer to our product list and contact with us for more details. 

Suntan A Wide Range of Motor Capacitors

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Suntan Technology Company Limited

--All kinds of Capacitors

Here we introduce our AC motor running and motor starting capacitors, all of them are with CE approval, the products listed in below:

TS11-B~D、TS11-5~7、TS11-9: Motor Running Capacitor with Box Shape and Plastics Case
TS11-10~21: Motor Running Capacitor with Cylinder Shape and Plastics Case
TS11-22~26: Motor Running Capacitor with Cylinder Shape and Aluminum Case
TS13D3-CD60: Motor Starting Capacitor with Cylinder Shape and Aluminum Case

Welcome to contact us for more details.:


Suntan A Wide Range of Motor Capacitors

Suntan High Q and High Power Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors for General Purpose-TS18Q Series

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
--All kinds of Capacitors

Suntan TS18Q Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors is a preferred capacitance solution, offering tremendous performance for decoupling, filtering, bypassing and smoothing. A variety of Ceramic Capacitors for you choose as below, we hope the new product TS08Q can meet you satisfaction as well.
TS18 Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor - SMD 
TS18H High Voltage Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor - SMD 
TS18Q High Q Low ESR RF Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors – MLCC SMD
High Q MLCC TS18Q series suitable for use in RF power amplifier peripheral circuit, Inductive heating, High magnetic field environments (MRI coils), Medical and industrial electronics. Low loss characteristics contribute to energy saving of mobile devices.

Suntan TS16 High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor 6.3KV to 15KV is Available

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors

Suntan TS16 high voltage ceramic capacitor 6.3KV to 15KV is available at present, which can replace Murata DEH / DHR series, do you have interest?

Su Suntan 3MM Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors Have Stocks in Hong Kong

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors

Dear Friends,

Suntan hot product- 3MM Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors have stocks in Hong Kong now! which is a good replacement of Murata TZC3 series, and can sent it out in a short time once order confrimed and payment got, welcome to contact us if you have interests!

TSC3S503T1R 7,000 in HK
TSC3S506T1R 27,000 in HK
TSC3S510T1R 60,000 in HK
TSC3S520T1R 36,000 in HK
TSC3S530T1R 46,000 in HK

Su Suntan Updated ISO Certificate

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 Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors

Suntan has updated the ISO certificate for our film capacitors and motor capacitors.
We’ll keep trying our best to offer our customers high quality products.

Su Suntan 3mm Chip Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors is The Best Choose for You

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Suntan Technology Company Limited
---All kinds of Capacitors

Suntan is the world's leader in the design and manufacture of precision ceramic trimmer capacitors. Through our engineering team works closely with customers to develop TSC3S series to solve all of their tuning needs for variable capacitors.

Some additional information about the TSC3S series includes the following:
Wide Frequency Range of Capacitance Values
RoHS Compliant Available
Designed for reflow soldering
Color coded case permits easy identification
Sealed construction prevents the penetration of Flux and Dust

We suggest you choose us to replace Murata trimmer capacitors and work hard to provide you with the best possible shopping experience.

Capacitance                  (pF MAX) Suntan
Part Number L x W (size)
3pF TSC3S503TIR (Black) 3.2(W) x 4.5(L) x 1.5(T)mm
6pF TSC3S506TIR (Blue) 3.2(W) x 4.5(L) x 1.6(T)mm
10pF TSC3S510TIR (Ivory) 3.2(W) x 4.5(L) x 1.7(T)mm
20pF TSC3S520TIR (Pink) 3.2(W) x 4.5(L) x 1.8(T)mm
30pF TSC3S530TIR (Green) 3.2(W) x 4.5(L) x 1.9(T)mm
Capacitance                  (pF MAX) Murata
Part Number L x W (size)
45pF TZY2K450AC01B00 2.5(W)x3.2(L)x1.25max.(H)mm
45pF TZY2K450AC01R00 2.5(W)x3.2(L)x1.25max.(H)mm
1pF TZY2Z010AC01B00 2.5(W)x3.2(L)x1.25max.(H)mm
1pF TZY2Z010AC01R00 2.5(W)x3.2(L)x1.25max.(H)mm
45pF TZY2K450A001B00 2.5(W)x3.2(L)x1.25max.(H)mm
45pF TZY2K450A001R00 2.5(W)x3.2(L)x1.25max.(H)mm
1pF TZY2Z010A001B00 2.5(W)x3.2(L)x1.25max.(H)mm
1pF TZY2Z010A001R00 2.5(W)x3.2(L)x1.25max.(H)mm
30pF TZB4P300BA10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
30pF TZB4P300BA10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
30pF TZB4P300BA10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
30pF TZB4P300BB10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
30pF TZB4P300BB10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
30pF TZB4P300BB10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
40pF TZB4P400AA10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
40pF TZB4P400AA10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
40pF TZB4P400AA10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
40pF TZB4P400AB10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
40pF TZB4P400AB10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
40pF TZB4P400AB10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
40pF TZB4P400BA10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
40pF TZB4P400BA10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
40pF TZB4P400BA10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
40pF TZB4P400BB10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
40pF TZB4P400BB10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
40pF TZB4P400BB10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
20pF TZB4R200BA10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
20pF TZB4R200BA10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
20pF TZB4R200BA10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
20pF TZB4R200BB10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
20pF TZB4R200BB10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
20pF TZB4R200BB10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
50pF TZB4R500AA10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
50pF TZB4R500AA10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
50pF TZB4R500AA10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
50pF TZB4R500AB10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
50pF TZB4R500AB10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
50pF TZB4R500AB10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
50pF TZB4R500BA10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
50pF TZB4R500BA10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
50pF TZB4R500BA10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
50pF TZB4R500BB10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
50pF TZB4R500BB10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
50pF TZB4R500BB10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
3pF TZB4Z030BA10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
3pF TZB4Z030BA10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
3pF TZB4Z030BA10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
3pF TZB4Z030BB10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
3pF TZB4Z030BB10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
3pF TZB4Z030BB10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
6pF TZB4Z060BA10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
6pF TZB4Z060BA10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
6pF TZB4Z060BA10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
6pF TZB4Z060BB10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
6pF TZB4Z060BB10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
6pF TZB4Z060BB10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
10pF TZB4Z100BA10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
10pF TZB4Z100BA10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
10pF TZB4Z100BA10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
10pF TZB4Z100BB10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
10pF TZB4Z100BB10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
10pF TZB4Z100BB10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
25pF TZB4Z250BA10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
25pF TZB4Z250BA10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
25pF TZB4Z250BA10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
25pF TZB4Z250BB10B00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
25pF TZB4Z250BB10R00 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
25pF TZB4Z250BB10R01 4.0(W)x4.5(L)x3.0(H)mm
8pF TZR1R080A001B00 1.5(W)x1.7(L)x0.85(H)mm
8pF TZR1R080A001R00 1.5(W)x1.7(L)x0.85(H)mm
1pF TZR1Z010A001B00 1.5(W)x1.7(L)x0.85(H)mm
1pF TZR1Z010A001R00 1.5(W)x1.7(L)x0.85(H)mm
4pF TZR1Z040A001B00 1.5(W)x1.7(L)x0.85(H)mm
4pF TZR1Z040A001R00 1.5(W)x1.7(L)x0.85(H)mm
1.5pF TZR1Z1R5A001B00 1.5(W)x1.7(L)x0.85(H)mm
1.5pF TZR1Z1R5A001R00 1.5(W)x1.7(L)x0.85(H)mm
1pF TZW4Z010A001B00 4.2(W)x5.2(L)x2.6max.(H)mm
1pF TZW4Z010A001R00 4.2(W)x5.2(L)x2.6max.(H)mm
1.5pF TZW4Z1R5A001B00 4.2(W)x5.2(L)x2.6max.(H)mm
1.5pF TZW4Z1R5A001R00 4.2(W)x5.2(L)x2.6max.(H)mm
Note: The product information in this catalog is for reference only, Please contact our sales before ordering: