000 Volts 000 Volts – 20 0603 0805 1/4 ” Square 1206 14mm series 161 SVHC 1KV-20KVDC 1N4007 1N4007S 1N4148 1N5399 1N5817-19 2011/65/EU 2014 2015 2016 2016 Germany Munich electronica 2016 Germany Munich electronica exhibition 2016 Munich electronica 20KV.DC 20mm series 24 seasonal division points 275VAC 3 terminal styles 3 Types 305VAC 310VAC 310VAC Safety Capacitor 3mm SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors 3mm SMD trimming potentiometer 3mm SMD type 3mm-SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor 450VAC 4-parameter crystal model 5 Terminal Square 5 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometer 5mm Series 6 6 folded Leaflet 6000 Volts – 20000 Volts 6mm 6mm Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor 6mm.Features 7mm series 8 Terminal 8 Terminal Square 8 Terminal Square Trimming Potentiometer A Class A Warm Email A-405 AB6S ABS ABS1 ABS1 THRU ABS10 ABS10 ABS2-ABS10 AC AC motor starting capacitors ACP Componentes Eletrônicos Ltda Across-the-Line X Capacitors advanced equipments Advantages All Kinds Aluminum electrolytic capacitor Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Ammo Package Ammo Packing Anhembi Park Exhibition Hall appliances Application Applications April attend FIEE 2013 in Brazil August Axial Axial & Radial Electrolytic Capacitor Axial Metallized polyester film capacitors Axial type Basic Knowledge Best Offer Best Price Best Rate Blue Color booth box shape Box type Box-Type BR Series BR25005~BR2510 Brazil Brazil Fair Breakdown voltage Bridge Rectifier Bridge Rectifiers Bridge Rectifiers & Diode bulk packing BZV55C BZX55C C23 Capacitance Capacitance Change Capacitance Range Capacitor Capacitor Circuit capacitor manufacturer capacitors capacity ranges Capccitors Carbon resistor Case Case shape Case size Catalog Catalogs CBB20 CBB60 CBB61 CBB65 CD110X CD138 CD293 CD60 CD60 Series CE approval Ceramic Capacitor Ceramic Capacitors Ceramic Disc Capacitor Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors Certificate certifications Characteristics Chinese New Year Chinese New Year Holiday Chinese Traditonal Festival Chip Tantalum Chip Tantalum Capacitor Chip Tantalum Capacitor - SMD Chip Tantalum Capacitors chip tantalum electrolytic capacitors Chip Trimmer Capacitors ChipEXPO 2017 Choose Christmas Circuits Citizen CL20 CL21 Class X2 Class X2 Capacitor Class X2 Safety Capacitor Class X2 Safety Capacitors CNY Holiday Column Type common frequency range Common packing Company Presentation Company Profile PPT Compliance Comprehensive Applications Comprehensive Information condenser condensers Conflict Minerals Connection terminal style Cross Reference Crystal Oscillator CTS13DE-CD110X Customized Catalogs Customized Products Leaflet Cycloidal cycloidal type cylinder shape Datasheet DB101 DB101 THRU DB107 DB101-DB107 DB101S THRU DB107S DBU December Delay Development Dielectric different diameters Diode DIODE RECTIFIER Diode Rectifier Circuits diodes Dip Varistor Dipped Dipped & SMD Tantalum Capacitors Dipped Tanlalum Capacitor Dipped Tantalum Dipped Tantalum Capacitor Dipped Tantalum Capacitors Dipped Varistor Dipped Varistor TSV dipped zinc oxide varistor Disadvantages Discontinue Discontinued Distributor Distributors Document doorstep delivery service Dragon Boat Festivall Dual type DV/DT For Film Capacitor E cap Easter egg Easter Festival Holiday E-caps E-Catalog electric charge Electric Double Layered Capacitors electric energy Electrolux Electrolytic Aluminum capacitors Electrolytic Capacitor Electrolytic Capacitors Electronic Components Electronica electronica Electronica 2012 fair Electronica 2012 fair in Munich electronica 2012 Report Electronica 2013 fair Electronica 2014 Electronica 2014 in Munich electronica 2016 ENEC Energy Meter Epoxy Equivalent Circuit Essay Sharing E-switch Exhibition Expand Business Field Expand Production Factory Famous Brands Farad Faratronic Fast delivery fast recovery rectifier Fast Recovery Rectiifers Feature Features February February 2015 FedEx FIEE FIEE 2015 FIEE 2017 FIEE 2017 Exhibition FIEE Brazil FIEE ELÉTRICA Film Film Capacitor Film Capacitors Filme Capacitores Find Yourself first Olympic medalist flat oval type For Capacitive Divider Forward Current FR101-FR107 FR201 Free Samples Frenquency Range Frenquency Tolerance Frequency Frequency Range Frequency Table Frequency Tolerance FrequencyRange Full-wave full-wave rectifier Function Future GBJ Series GBPC GBPC Series GBPC Series KBP Series GBPC15005 GBPC35005 GBU package GBU Series GBU15005 GBU4005 GBU4005 THRU GBU410 GBU410 General Applications General Holidays General Purpose Rectifier General Purpose Rectifiers Germany Glass Passivated Glass Passivated Bridge Rectifiers Glossary Gold Capacitors Gold Color gold medal winner Golden Rooster Year Good Friday Good Price Google Pages GPP Green Polyester Film Capacitor grid Packaging Gymnastics -Artistic half-wave rectifier Happy Women s Day Harmonized System HC 49S SMD HC49S High accuracy high dielectric resistance High energy varistors high quality High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors High Voltage type Higher Voltage Highest Capacitance Value History Holiday Notice Hong Kong HS Codes Improved international safety approvals International Workers Day Introduction iPhone 4S ISO 90012008 January January 2015 Judo July June KBJ6005~KBJ610 KBL KBL4005 THRU KBL410 KBL6005 KBP Series KBP2005 THRU KBP210 KBPC KBPC35005 THRU KBPC3510 KBPC608 KBPC8005 KBU KBU Series Kingtronics Knowledge Kt Labor Day Holiday Labour Day Lantern Festival Large Lan latest technology Lead time Leaded Film Capacitors leading manufacturer Leaflet Life Expectancy life rating Limited-Time Promotion Linear Tactile Line-to-Ground Y Capacitors LinkedIn Linked-In Linked-In Account LL-34 LL4148 Load capacitance Load Life London 2012 gold medal winner London 2012 gold medal winner of China London 2012 China first Olympic medalist London 2012 Closing Ceremony London 2012 first Olympic medalist London 2012 Olympic champion London 2012 Olympic medals London 2012 Opening Ceremony london 2012 tickets London 2012s top-10 Long Life Long Life type LOW ESR Low Impedance Lug Type LUG type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Lundon 2012 olympic games M1-M7 M7 Mahindra Main Usages Main use Manufacturer of Film Capacitors Manufacturing Process March Material materialceramic trimmer capacitor; May MB Series MB10S MB6F MB6S MBF MBS Mechanical Data Messe Munich metal oxide surge arrester metal oxide varistor metal oxide varistor symbol Metalized Polypropylene Film Capacitor X2 Metallized Film Capacitors Metallized Polyester Fillm Capacitor Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors Metallized Polyethylene Naphthalate Film Capacitor Metallized Polyphenylene Sulfide Film Capacitor Metallized Polypropylene Metallized Polypropylene Film Metallized Polypropylene Film AC Motor Capacitor CBB65 Column Type Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor - X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitor-Class X2 MFA Mica capacitor Mica Capacitors Mica dielectric Micro-Miniature Middle East Countries Mini BOX Mini BOX metallized Film Capacitor mini capacitor Miniature Size Miniature Size Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor Miniaturized type MKP cap MLCC momentary push switch Motor Motor Capacitor Motor Capacitors Motor Running Capacitor Motor Running Capacitors Motor Starting Motor Starting Capacitor Motor Starting Capacitors MPP Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Multilayer Metal Oxide Chip Varistor Multilayer mono Axial & Radial Multilayer mono Radial Multilayer Radial Capacitor Multilayer Radial Ceramic Capacitor Munich murata Mylar Capacitor National Day National Public Holidays New Envelope New Look New Product SMD Type LED Promotion New Year New Year Cards New Year Greetings New Year Party Newbie Nominal frequency Non-Polarized Non-polarized capacitors November October OJ Olympic champion Olympic closing ceremony Olympic closing ceremony Olympic opening ceremony Olympic opening ceremony on Selling Operating temperature Operating Condition Range Operating Temperature Range Operating Voltage Order Order Guidance Oscilent Oval Motor Running Capacitor Oval-shape Overview Package Package Information package types Packing information Panasonic part number passive components Phenolic Phenolic Trimming Potentiometers Pitch Testing Plastic Film Capacitor plastic film capacitors plug-solid electrolyte tantalum capacitors point of-sale Polarized capacitors Polyester and Polypropylene Film Capacitors Polyester Film Capacitor Polyester Film Capacitor - Epoxy Dip Coated - Non-Inductive polyester film capacitors Polypropylene Polypropylene Film Capacitor Polypropylene Metallized Film Capacitors Polystyrene Film Capacitor Polysulfone Polytetra- fluoroethylene POS poster Power Meter PP bag Produce product catalogs Professional Knowledge Profile Powerpoint properties Protection Protection Levels PVZ3 series Quartz Crystal Quartz Crystal Resonator R-6 Rabbit Radial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Radial Lead Tact Switch Radial Leaded Radial Type Radial type Electrolytic Capacitors Radial Type Super Miniaturized Radial Types rated current rated voltage Rated voltages REACH REACH Approvals REACH Compliance Rectangular Trimming Potentiometers Rectifier Rectifier & Diode Rectifier & Diodes Rectifier and Diode Rectifiers Red Box Reel Packing Right Angle RL207 RoHS RoHS 2.0 RoHS 2.0 Report RoHS 2.0 Standard round-shape RS201~RS207 RS2A-RS2M Run Capacitors Running Capacitor S1A-S1M S1M safety Approvals Safety Capacitors - Y Safety Film Capacitors Safety Standard Recognized Capacitor - Y Safety Y capacitor Sales Team Same Price santun Sao Paulo Screw type Screw type Sealed Types Seminars Program Schedule September SHARP Shine Bright shipping method Shooting Silicon Epitaxial Planar Switching Diode Silver Mica Capacitors single diode Single Phase size code SKBPC SKBPC Series SKBPC2516 SKBPC3512 slogan SM sliver mica capacitors SM Trademark SMA SMA-J SMA-J package SMAJ-Series Small Single Phase Bridge Rectifiers SMB SMB Package SMBJ-Series SMC Package SMCJ-Series SMD SMD 4001 SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor SMD Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors SMD Capacitors SMD ceramic trimmer capacitor SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors SMD Ceramic Trimming Potentiometer SMD Ceramic Trimming Potentiometer 3269 SMD Chip Tantalum Capacitors SMD Crystal Oscillator SMD Diode SMD Diodes SMD E Cap SMD Electronics Components SMD LED SMD M7F SMD Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor SMD Rectifier SMD Rectifiers & Diodes SMD Surface Mount SMD Surface Mount Types SMD Tact Switches SMD Tantalum Capacitors SMD Tantalum Capacitors etc. SMD Trimming Potentiometers SMD type SMD Type LED SMD Varistor SMD Varistor TSVC Snap in type Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Snap-in Type Snap-in type Electrolytic Capacitor Souvenir Spark Capacitors Speaker Network Special Specification Specifications spring begins Spring Festival Spring Outing Square Knob Square Trimming Potentiometer Square Types Standard Start Capacitor Start Capacitors Stock List Stock Offer Storage temperature Strong Product Strong Products Strong Promotion Structure Su Su Brand Successful Exhibition Suntan Suntan - TS16 High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors Suntan Su Bridge Rectifiers SF808 Super Fast Ceramic Capacitor materialceramic trimmer capacitor; Suntan - TS14 High Temperature Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor-105℃.. Suntan - TS15 --- Good Seller in April 2014 Suntan - TS16 High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors Suntan - TS22 Safety Standard Recognized Capacitor - Y Suntan - TSR-3386-TL Suntan Varistor Suntan 10 Years Exhibition History Suntan Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors - SMD 85°C & 105°C under Promotion Suntan Blog Suntan BOX-MPP Capacitor Suntan bridge rectifier Suntan bridge rectifier catelog Suntan bridge rectifier diodes Suntan capacitor Suntan capacitors Suntan capacitorss Suntan chip tantalum capacitor Suntan Digital Catalogs Suntan diode bridge Suntan Diodes Suntan dipped varistors Suntan Electrolytic Capacitors Suntan exhibition 2013 Suntan exhibition history Suntan exhibition plan in 2013 Suntan fair Suntan fast response rectifier diodes Suntan Film Capacitor Suntan Film Capacitors Suntan full wave bridge rectifier Suntan Group Suntan high voltage rectifier diodes Suntan Holiday Notice For 2014 Ching Ming Festival And The Easter Holiday Suntan LOW ESR Tantalum Capacitor Suntan Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor Suntan mondithic varistors Suntan Precision Multiturn Wirewound Potentiometer Suntan Precision Multiturn Wirewound Potentiometer.TSR-3540 Suntan Products suntan QR-CODE Suntan rectifier Suntan Rectifier and Diode Suntan Rectifier and Diode Suntan Restart Metallized Polyester Film Capacitor - TS02A series 250VAC suntan slogan Suntan SM Suntan SMD tantalum capacitor Suntan SMD Type LED Standard Package 0302 Suntan SMD Type LED Standard Package 0805 Suntan SMD Type LED Standard Package 3020 Suntan SMD Type LED Standard Package 5050 suntan switch Suntan Switches suntan tact switch Suntan Tact tactile Switch Suntan Tantalum Capacitors Suntan Trimmer capacitors Suntan Trimming Potentiometer Suntan Trimming Potentiometers Standard Packing Method - Tube Suntan Types of capacitor Suntan Varistor Suntan varistor manufacturer Suntan Zener diodes Suntan zinc oxide varistor Suntan zinc oxide varistor supplier Suntan.TS08S Suntans Strong Products Introduction suntan-TS02A Supply Voltage Surface Mount surface mount general rectifier Surface Mount Rectifier Surface Mount Type Switch Swimming switch switches Switching Diode T Tact Switch Tact Switch Tact Switches Tact tactile Switch tactile switch tactile switches Taiwan Tantalum Capacitor Tantalum Capacitors Tantalum Dipped Capacitor Tape and Ammo Packing Tape and Reel Packing Tape Packing TC - 38 TDK Temperature Temperature Characteristic Temperature Range Tennis terminal Trimming Potentiometers Test Report Thank-you Note The Birthday of the Buddha The Chinese Laba Festival the Difference The Electronica 2016 fair The Mother‘s Day The Three Levels The Working Principle through hole type tactile swtich Through Hole Types TNT Delivery Problem Tolerance Quality Policy Tomb-sweeping Day Toshiba transient voltage suppression devices Transient Voltage Suppressors Triming Potentiometers Trimmer Capacitor 30pF Green Trimmer capacitors Trimmer Potentiometer Trimming Potentiometer Trimming Potentiometers trimpots TS01 TS02 TS02 CL21 TS02A TS02A series TS03 TS03Q TS04 TS04A TS04B TS04C TS04D TS05 TS05 series TS05D TS05M TS06 TS07 TS07B TS08A TS08H TS08S TS08S new approvals TS08V TS09 TS10 series TS11 TS11 series TS11-10~21 TS11-22 TS11-22~26 TS11-23 TS11-25 TS11-27 TS11-27~29 TS11-28 TS11-29 TS11-5~7 TS11-9 TS11-A~9 TS11-B~D TS11-C TS12 TS13 TS13AE TS13C0 TS13D3-CD60 TS13D6-CD286A TS13DA-CD50BP TS13DE TS13DE-CD110X TS13DF-CD71 TS13DJ-CD287 TS13DS-CD296 TS13DT-CD13 TS13DX-CD135 TS13DY-CD136 TS14 TS15 TS16 TS-16 TS17 TS17R TS18 TS19 TS19 plug-solid electrolyte tantalum capacitors TS20 TS20 chip tantalum electrolytic capacitors TS22 TS22 Safety Standard Recognized Capacitor TS23 TSC3 TSC3C TSC3S TSC3S Series TSC3S503T1R TSC3S506T1R TSC3S510T1R TSC3S520T1R TSC3S530 TSC3S530T1R TSC5 TSC6 TSC7 TSQ TSQ-3225SMD TSQ-49SMD TSQ-49U TSQ-5032SMD TSQ-HC49S TSQ-HC49SMD TSQ-HC49U TSQ-OSC3225 TSQ-OSC5032 TSQ-OSC7050 TSR TSR-065 TSR-3006 TSR-3006P TSR-3269 TSR-3269-3386 TSR-3296 TSR-3296W TSR-3323 TSR-3362 TSR-3386 TSR-3386F TSR-3386-TL TSR-3540 TSR-3590 TSR-65M TSR-C3305 TSS-TC-0010 TSS-TC-0102 TSS-TC-0120 TSS-TC-0202 TSS-TC-0302 TSS-TC-0303 TSS-TC-1193 TSS-TC-120V TSS-TC-12EA TSS-TC-12ET TSV TSV series TSV20D511K TSVC TSVC SMD Varistors Tube Packing Twitter Type Type Number UL UL Approved UL recognized Update Updated Varistor Varistors VDE VDE Approval VDE certificates Video Videos Voltage Voltage ranges Voltage Rating Voltagee W005 Water Meter Website Weigh Wire Type Wire wound Trimming Potentiometers Wireless Infrastructure Wireline Infrastructure Wordpress World Electronics Show Wrestling X2 X2 275VAC Safety Capacitor X2 cap 305VAC X2 cap Cross reference X2 Capacitor X2 Capacitor 310 VAC X2 Capacitores Filme X2 Capacitors X2 Class Safety Capacitor X2 Film Capacitors X2 metallized polypropylene film capacitor X2 Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors X2 safety capacitor Yellow Youtube zener diode Zener Diodes zinc oxide varistor zinc oxide varistor supplier zinc oxide varistor suppliers Zno varistor 石英晶体谐振器